Royalty Free Instrumental Music

Downloading the best royalty free instrumental music without copyright is one of the main goals of any video creator. This type of music has two advantages:

Royalty Free Music: This music does not have copyright, meaning you can use it in videos for YouTube and other platforms. The video will not be blocked for copyright reasons and you can work quickly and safely because you can choose the song, use it in your video and upload it to any platform without any problems. You may also use it in advertising projects for television, radio or other audiovisual media, and you will not be obliged to pay any copyright management entities.

Instrumental music: Instrumental music is essential when we are producing videos, since being music without lyrics, the audience will concentrate on the images. In addition, it also has the advantage of any speaker or voiceover not being interfered with by lyrics. This is the main reason why audiovisual producers demand royalty free instrumental music for their videos.

In summary, the advantages of downloading royalty free instrumental music are: speed, security, economical, and flexibility to be used in virtually all videos.

Download Royalty Free Instrumental Music

Download Instrumental Songs

If you are thinking of downloading some royalty free instrumental songs, here we propose some of the best instrumental songs without copyright ready to download and use in videos, advertising or personal uses. These songs are shown here with a sound watermark, which disappears once the license is subscribed at Free Music Projects. These licenses range from € 9 for personal use, up to € 199 when it comes to international projects and the broadcast of the music on national television. Here is a sample of high quality royalty free instrumental songs!

Las Nuevas Vidas

One of the most downloaded royalty free songs. Classical instrumental music.

Business as Usual

Corporate instrumental music for your corporate videos and business projects. A great song.


If what you want is instrumental chill-out music, this song is likely our best option!

Camino de extremadura

Flamenco is always a great option. Flamenco instrumental music for our videos.


A song of royalty free instrumental electronic music. High intensity


A fresh and perfect instrumental song for any cheerful and intense production.

Dark Hero

You cannot miss an instrumental cinematographic song. This is a good example…

Childhood Dreams

Royalty Free Piano music. A classic that never dies.

Ambient and Chill Loop 3

Another song Chill Out, this time in loop format, to use in your projects of indefinite duration. Very catchy.

Silent Night

And of course, royalty free instrumental Christmas music for that special time of the year.

In case you want to look for instrumental music in any other style, we suggest you visit

Free Copyright Free Instrumental Music

Most of the time, some amount must be paid for the royalty free music we download for our videos. However, we occasionally find places where we can download royalty free music for our videos for free, especially for personal use. At Free Music Projects we offer you a free royalty free music section where you can find different instrumental songs without copyright ready to use in your personal projects.

Royalty Free Medieval Music

Medieval Music - Royalty Free Music

Undoubtedly, royalty free medieval music helps us convey unique sensations and emotions in our videos. Using this musical style, we travel to other eras: to ancient settings, castles and remote villages in distance and time. We can say that it is an atypical musical genre in the world of advertising production. However, the medieval music is about a specific style that often makes our project stand out and brings a lot of emotion compared to others. For example, we can imagine an advertisement in which Celtic music plays in the background … medieval Celtic music never fails. 

The best royalty free medieval music, whether Renaissance, profane, Spanish medieval music , or Celtic, will bring an epic touch to our productions, something that never disappoints. Moving to the Middle Ages thanks to medieval songs is without a doubt an original and cheap way to travel … Our audience will get to imagine scenes of knights, war and fantastic scenarios that will inject a high dose of emotion. At the end of the day, what we are looking for is that our listener or spectator go from a situation of indifference to be in an exciting and intriguing world.      

What is medieval music?        

To put it simply, medieval music is the music created in Europe between the 5th century AD and the 15thcentury. This strip includes the time elapsed between the Fall of the Roman Empire in the 5th century, and the Renaissance. After the 15th century, music is no longer considered medieval to begin to be considered Renaissance music. Renaissance.

Roughly speaking, the origin of medieval music is linked to religion and the Church. Religious people who lived in monasteries were generally more educated than the average population and developed this musical style towards a more complex form. There was also popular medieval music, associated with minstrels and troubadours, whose role was to tell stories and entertain people. This profane style was also becoming more complex over time.

Types of medieval music

Royalty free Medieval Songs
  • The plain song or religious monody: Better known as Gregorian Chant. This is vocal music written for one voice. It is probably the type of medieval music with more repertoire created throughout the Middle Ages. 
  • Profane music (minstrels and troubadours): This music is also written for one voice, but unlike Gregorian Chant, this type of music had instrumental accompaniment. It is music created in spheres of high society and royalty. 
  • Polyphonic Music: Compositions more complex and educated than the previous ones, written for several voices.

In a nutshell, it is these three types of medieval music in which we can synthesize all the music created during the Middle Ages. During the Renaissance, more complex and beautiful new musical styles would be born.

Examples of Royalty Free Medieval Music

Here we show some royalty free medieval songs ready to be listened and downloaded. These are songs that do not belong to copyright management entities, and that by subscribing to a license in Free Music Projects you can use them in your video projects without any problem.

Here are some examples of medieval music:

A song with medieval instrumentation. The songs shown here are modern songs, evoking medieval environments, but with a modern production. We see Celtic music hints in all these songs.

A perfect medieval introduction. It reminds us of the drum just before the battle begins.

Medieval song of cheerful rhythm. It is the perfect medieval song to use in an audiovisual production. Full of strength, cheerful melodies and powerful rhythms.

Of all the songs shown, this is perhaps the most medieval of all, with the least modern production of all and the closest to what could be the real medieval music. Straight to the origins.

Download Royalty Free Medieval Songs

If you want to download royalty free medieval music to use on YouTube , videos, advertising , we recommend you visit Free Music Projects , where you will find a large selection of medieval songs and any other style. More than 20,000 royalty-free and copyright-free songs ready to download and use. 

Advertising Music: Top 10 Songs [2020]

advertising music

Advertising music is critical to the success of any campaign, whether on television, radio or Internet. It is an element of vital importance so that the final result is optimal. In many cases the success or failure of the campaign will depend on the advertising music.

We all remember ads that will always be remembered thanks to the music with which it was synchronized. Ads that thanks to these songs or tunings have made history in advertising. We all know that making history is not an easy task, all we can do is put all our efforts for the music to bring our ad to the top.

Many agencies spend a lot of economic resources in the visual part of the production, however they leave aside the sound part of the ad or in the advertising music. Since Free Music Projects we think it is a big mistake, because we think that both music and image have the same weight when it comes to convincing the viewer. The strategy can be based on one or the other, what is clear is that neither side should be abandoned.

History of advertising music

history music advertising

The origin of music in advertising is found on the radio. In the 1920s, many companies began to advertise their products and service on the radio with ads that contained advertising music or sung ads. These were simple songs, catchy and easy to remember, which generated a great impact on the audience. We must keep in mind that at that time there was no television, and the impact of the radio was even greater. We can imagine the success of these first ads.

After World War II, and with the first television networks, television commercials with music began to be produced. Like the first radio announcements, the first music in television advertising was a real success.

The 10 best Royalty-Free songs for advertising

And now, speaking from a contemporary point of view, we are going to make a selection of the 10 best royalty-free songs for advertising. We could create a selection of commercial songs that will undoubtedly succeed in an advertisement, however, we are aware of the high costs of using this type of music both on radio and on television, available to very few advertisers. That is why we are going to select here the 10 best royalty-free songs for advertising, easy to download, cheap, and ready to synchronize in your advertising campaign. Here is our TOP 10 Best Royalty-Free Songs for advertising:

It is a true advertising hit. Any advertisement acquires a great impact by being synchronized with this song.

It is a simple song that enters your ears, grabs the brain and never lets go. A catchy song to the fullest. In advertising this is pure gold.

The energy song that will bring a high dose of punch to your advertising video or your ad. If music manages to increase sales, no doubt this song will do just that.

Good roll, simplicity and very nice music. This song manages to embrace your product or service and convey that it is something very positive for you and your public. What more could I ask for?

An electronic song, modern and powerful. This is the perfect song when we want to advertise or promote a product or service with a young and modern target.

It is an epic song in the Hollywood soundtrack style . The images of any video, synchronized to this music, acquire a portentous dimension that immerses the viewer in what we are telling him.

Not everything will be rhythm and power. A Chill Out song with great style and depth, perfect for advertising when what we want to convey is relaxation and sophistication in equal parts.

A mix between Chill and Pop that does not leave you indifferent. An advertising song perfect for a multitude of scene situations, certainly a “versatile” song to use in advertising.

A classic Chill-Out song that evokes beach days, sunsets and the best memories of our lives. We all want to be there, and this song takes us to where we want to be.

Another simple and versatile song that is used for any advertising use. A song whose style is fashionable in the use for advertising.

Download the best advertising music

Are you at the moment of creating a video for television, YouTube , social networks or radio and are you looking for music? You are in the right place. 

In Free Music Projects we offer you a complete catalog of 20,000 songs ready to be used in your projects. They are songs specifically created for advertising and are ready to be used with a license right away. You just have to look for the right song in our royalty-free music library , where you will have the ease of searching for musical styles, duration and some parameters that will help you find the perfect song.   

All songs can be used in advertising by selecting the appropriate License, so you will not have any future problems with the performance rights organizations.  

If you have any questions do not hesitate and contact us! We are here to help you!

Royalty Free Horror Music

Royalty Free Horror Music

The royalty free horror music is one of the genres most downloaded at the scene of libraries royalty free music. The use of horror music for videos, whether advertising or of any audiovisual nature, is a fairly common resource. Not only is it used for horror videos, but as a resource that brings excitement and tension to the audience, focusing its attention on the video or ad.    

Royalty-free horror music is always cinematic, in a classic or contemporary style. However we find royalty-free horror songs in other more modern musical styles, mainly in their electronic song versions .   

What is horror music?

LlWe call horror music, music that is specifically created to cause panic, tension, fear or horror in the audience. The scary music usually causes stong emotions in the viewer: fear, dread, panic, fright, horror, alarm, scare, distrust, apprehension, distrust, funk, confusion, surprise, astonishment, uneasiness … in short, uncomfortable situations for the psychology of the viewer. The main objective is that through this type of music, the public keeps the attention and tension without interruption.  If we achieve this, our music will have fulfilled its goal.

It is always related to dark, mysterious, bloody or dark moments, and is mainly used in the soundtracks of movies, series, videogames and in any type of audiovisual project, providing the extra touch of terror that the images themselves do not achieve to transmit.

Background horror music is an elementary resource when telling any plot of fear, mystery or terror.

It is perhaps horror music the additional element that makes us feel real fear when we are watching a scary scene. For example, nobody forgets the psychosis shower scene of legendary film director Alfred Hitchcock. This scene has made history in cinema, among other things, for the horror music used at that precise moment. As we see, the music of a horror soundtrack is a decisive element in the success or failure of a production.

Origin of Horror or Fear Music

The origin of horror music or scary music is found in the first soundtracks of horror films. The first horror film of all time is “Le Manoir du Diable “, produced in 1896, directed by Georges Méliès, however this film was silent and had no music. Already in the 1930s we found movies with their respective horror soundtrack. One of these examples is “M” by Fritz Lang, directed in 1931.

Copyright Free Horror Music

Are you making a video and need horror music? Do you need music without copyright to use in an advertisement on YouTube and have no problem with copyright infringement? Surely you already know that it is not easy to find horror music copyright free to be able to use without any problems on YouTube , advertising or any type of audiovisual production. In Free Music Projects we offer you a large selection of copyright-free horror songs to be able to use in any type of project.          

Creative Commons Music

Creative Commons Music

In the digital age, artists are obliged to know which are the best legal tools for the distribution of their music. Thus, we will try here to shed light on this concept. Creative commons music is undoubtedly one of the best options for musical distribution. But…

What is Creative Commons music?

Creative Commons music or Copyleft music is music that has been licensed by its authors under a Creative Commons License, thus allowing some uses and restricting others. Creative Commons Licenses allow authors to modify the classic “All rights reserved” of Copyright, to “Some rights reserved” of Copyleft. In this way, the user can work in a safe way, while the music has a better online distribution of their works.

Do not forget that free distribution, always linked to Creative Commons licenses, does not mean free. As an example, in some forms of Musical License the author reserves the rights of commercial use, whereby the user cannot make commercial use of that work unless he reaches an economic agreement with the author of the work.

Types of Creative Common Licenses

Creative Commons Licenses have been created both to facilitate the distribution of works and to facilitate the use of the contents of works. We will show here, briefly, the types of CC (Creative Commons) licenses that exist:

Creative Commons licenses consist of four condition modules:

  • Attribution (BY), requires reference to the original author. You are required to mention the author if you wish to use their work.
  • Share Alike (SA), allows creating works derived from the original, as long as the resulting work is shared under the same license.
  • Non-Commercial (NC), requires the assurance that the work will not be used for commercial purposes.
  • No Derivative Works (ND), does not allow you to modify the work in any way, you must respect it and not edit it under any circumstances.

These modules are combined to give rise to the six types of Creative Commons licenses, under which you can register your music or other types of work. You will choose one of these six licenses:

  1. Attribution (CC BY).
  2. Attribution Share Alike (CC BY-SA).
  3. Attribution No Derivatives (CC BY-ND).
  4. Attribution Non-Commercial (CC BY-NC).
  5. Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike (CC BY-NC-SA).
  6. Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives (CC BY-NC-ND)

Here is a summary chart where we have placed the licenses in a gradient from lower to higher based on permissiveness in their use:

Creative Commons Licenses

How to register music with CC?

In many intellectual property registration projects you can license your music with creative commons. One of them is Safe Creative, one of our Partners.

If you wish to obtain your License, you can directly use the Creative Commons website and choose the License that best suits your music:

We hope to have helped you with the information provided on Creative Commons music or Copyleft music. If you wish, at Free Music Projects, we are always available and happy to help you out whenever you need.

Royalty Free Children’s Music: Top 10 Songs

Royalty free children's music without copyright

Royalty Free Children’s music is constantly used in children’s videos, commercials and audiovisual productions of all kinds. When children’s products or services are announced on radio or television and when a children’s event is going to be announced … children’s music is used with the intention that both adults and children themselves pay attention to the video or advertising. We must however still adhere to the requirements of copyright and royalty as outlined by the law. Therefore, we must use royalty free children’s songs, without copyright.

You can find children’s music without copyright or royalty free children’s music in many styles. Mainly, they are classic children’s songs composed by contemporary authors, that have created them exclusively to be used in these types of videos and advertising. This is music created specifically for professional use, both audiovisual and advertising.

What is Children’s Music?

Children’s music is all music created for the purpose or function of children or babies. Among these songs we can find children’s music for playtime, learning music for children, educational songs … as you can see, music is created with many different purposes in mind for babies or children.

This music, in any style, always repeats patterns: it is music with simple melodies, basic and repetitive lyrics and an easy musical structure. When it comes to music for children we must not forget that it must be easy to learn and repeat later for them.

Download Royalty Free Children’s Music

Download Royalty Free Children's Music

Finding royalty free children’s music can be a complicated task. It is easier to find songs in other styles, however, at Free Music Projects we have created a selection of copyright-free children’s music to download and use in all types of videos and advertising projects. We currently have more than 20,000 songs in all styles, ready to download (including the User License) instantly.

Royalty Free Children’s Songs

We present here a selection of children’s songs without copyright that you can download from the website.

The songs you are going to listen to here are royalty free children’s songs and are protected by a sound watermark. When you download the songs from the web, the watermark disappears. You can download the songs in high-quality MP3 format. Additionally, your download also comes with the corresponding User License to legally use music on any video platform, such as YouTube or Vimeo.

download royalty free children's music copyright free for videos

Here the best royalty free children’s songs! We hope you enjoy them!

Download Children’s Songs for Free

At Free Music Projects we have a large collection of songs in all styles. Here we have offered you a small selection of children’s songs as a reference for your projects or as an idea for your videos or advertising. Remember that using royalty free music will already save you a lot of money on your professional projects. Additionally, we also offer a small selection of completely free music, where you can download other songs of any musical style.

Royalty Free Action Music: Top 10 Songs

action music

The use of royalty free action music is a common resource in professional video productions. This musical genre is related to the Hollywood soundtracks of spy, war and action movies. In any type of video, action music will add its own mark and induce enough adrenaline so the viewer does not lose the attention, even for a moment. We can ensure that our video continuously maintains intensity and viewer interest by appropriately using action music without copyright.

The best action music for videos does not have to be precisely related to the action. When we think of this type of music we always remember James Bond or Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible. However, we can take advantage of the character of this music to add a touch of power and speed to our videos. Therefore, we give our production that effect of strength, power and adrenaline by using action songs.

What is action music?

Action music can be defined as music that has a high speed and intensity, and that draws in the viewer or listener’s extreme attention to an imminent outcome. This music has not always been linked to Cinema. Think of Bach’s most powerful works. Centuries ago there was already music that lifted spectators from their seats and kept them in a state of permanent tension and alertness. Therefore, we can say that action music does not have a solely cinematic history as do other musical styles such as epic music.

Download Royalty Free Action Music

Download action music for video

Downloading royalty free action music can sometimes be a complicated task. For this reason, here we have compiled some of the best action songs without copyright to download. If you don’t like the selection, you can always search for more songs at Free Music Projects, where there are more than 20,000 royalty-free and copyright-free songs.

Royalty Free Action Songs

We invite you to listen and download the TOP 10 action songs without copyright. We hope they are right for you!

Heavy metal action music. Synchronizing this song in your video is a guarantee of action, aggressiveness, speed, violence.

Music with exquisite musical production. In the style of a classic Hollywood action soundtrack.

As the name of the song itself indicates, it could perfectly be the music of the action trailer of any Holywood action movie.

A rock song. Simple, classic, with lots of action. Many risky sports videos use this music.

A heavy-metal song with plenty of rhythm and a lot of action. It is a song that injects adrenaline into any video with which it is synchronized.

A song in the style of a soundtrack of the 21st century, with the latest generation of musical elements and great production. This is how the music of cinematographic action should to sound. Great quality.

A film soundtrack style song with a large dose of action. A song of time, battle and war. We can also consider it an epic music track.

This song gives a large dose of action and tension. Rhythmic, powerful and exciting until the end. Perfect for maintaining tension in any action video.

The classic rock song for action videos that always works well. One of the most downloaded songs! You can hear the reason for this… Perfect and rounded action song, from beginning to end.

Contemporary soundtrack with great production and a very good sound. Pure action with a nostalgic touch.

Royalty Free Action Music for Youtube

If you want to download music to use in your YouTube videos or other video platforms, in high-quality MP3 format, and with its corresponding User License, you can do it from the Free Music Projects website. Here you will find thousands of songs in all musical styles, ready to download and use in your audiovisual or advertising project.

Musical logos and jingles for companies

Musical logos or musical jingles for businesses have become a necessity in the 21st century. Especially for companies that appear in the media (be it radio, television, corporate videos for the Internet, events) and who want to be relevant. A company that invests in advertising should not miss the opportunity to also create a brand image. The probability that a potential consumer could identify your brand in the first 3 seconds of music is very high when using musical logos and jingles. We all remember the musical logo of an insurance company or taxi company in our country through a jingle or musical logo. We also remember music when you turn on a Windows computer. Music is part of the collective subconscious!

We should, therefore, try to take advantage of our investment in advertising to create and gradually enrich the value of our brand through sound and music.

How to create a successful musical logo or jingle?

Musical logos and jingles

The process of creating a musical logo can be simple if the one who creates it has enough experience. We should try to make our musical logo convey the values of the brand or the company. For this, the composer must have an interview with the company, in order to identify the values and adjectives that best represent the brand. They will also be able to provide specific examples of other musical logos, or simply of songs they like so that the composer can be inspired or based on their instructions. Never copy!

The composer will produce one or more musical sketches which will be delivered to the company for approval. Once the sketch has been accepted by the relevant company or marketing department, the composer develops the sketch until it becomes the desired company music.

It is possible for the composer to create various versions of different durations, which he will deliver later. For example, 10-second, 20-second, 30-second, and one-minute versions can be created, as these are the timeframes usually contracted on radio and television for commercials. It is also possible to create a Christmas version, or a rock version, which will help to offer diversity in the music of different advertising campaigns in the future, without giving up the musical identity of the brand.

How do you make a famous musical logo?

As we appear in the media linked to a piece of specific music, the consumer or the potential customer will quickly identify us with this music, which will become an element of great value in itself. These musical logos can be used during location openings and closings, as music for events, as mobile tuning, as header and closure of corporate videos, as music for presentations, as music for advertising, as music for radio

In the same way that we use a graphic logo for many uses, we will use the musical logo or the sound logo on all possible audiovisual and sound media.

Music logos success case

Musical logo success case

In Free Music Projects, we have been creating musical logos for years. We have created musical logos and tunings for important companies and institutions. We have even seen the King of Spain enjoying and listening to a jingle we have created. No doubt this was a great satisfaction for the composer.

Among the success stories of Free Music Projects is Alquiler Seguro. This company created its musical logo in 2011. At that time, they ran a television campaign and then a radio campaign. From there, the radio campaign has been constant until today. The music has acquired a great corporate identity over time. Different personalities sang it in advertising spaces, thus reinforcing the impact of music and the brand. Today, it is unthinkable that Alquiler Seguro appears in the media without this musical logo. Here is an example of an advertising spot:

Get your own musical logo

If you think we can help you by creating a musical logo for your company or an anthem for the institution of which you are a member, do not hesitate and contact us via Without a doubt, you will add something of great value to your business and, over time, you will realize how successfully you have created the sound identity of your business. In the 21st century, the digital age, we consider it essential. Request your musical logo now!

Hold Music and Waiting Room Music

Hold music is used in many situations. Both as background music in waiting rooms of different businesses, and as hold music for phone calls and answering machines … Hold Music is present throughout the professional world.

hold music

On a personal or individual user level, we do not often take into account issues such as copyright. However, at a business level, we must be vigilant because we may be breaking laws and be penalised or sanctioned for it.

To avoid problems, we must use music with rights included. We must request and pay for the corresponding License when using any kind of music in our business. The bad thing about this option, when we talk about commercial music, it is not only the cost of its use, but the time in the investigation of obtaining and paying the rights that entail. We do not want to be sanctioned, but we also do not want to waste too much time trying to be able to use hold music.

Our recommendation, as in most cases, is to use royalty-free music. Put simply, you select the song you want, pay a small amount, and download your hold music, with all the rights included and the assurance that no one will claim anything from you … and that you are fulfilling your obligations regarding the Law.

Download Hold Music for Answering Machines

Here we offer you a small selection of songs, classified by musical styles, that can be used as waiting music or hold music. You can download this music at Free Music Projects. A small watermark is heard in the song, which will disappear when the song is downloaded from the store. Here is a selection of hold music ready to download:

Chill Out song. Positive. Suitable as hold music or waiting music in any business. Chill Out is a style practically custom made for this type of use.

Calm, relaxing song. A perfect song to keep someone relaxed during their wait.

Another song of pure Chill. A beach song, summery and fresh. Any wait, even if it is prolonged, should sound like this.

This is a Chill Jazz song. Pleasant, with the complexity of jazz and the freshness of Chill Out.

A deeper, more profound song. It almost sounds like epic music, but with a relaxing touch.

A classic chill out song that evokes elements of nature. Any impatient client will relax with this song on the other side of the phone.

Free Music

If you need to download free hold music, we offer a small selection of totally free music. This list of free songs to download will gradually increase. Meanwhile, we offer you more than 25,000 royalty-free songs ready to download with License included and at a very low price.

Go to, where we will be happy to help you with the selection, the consultation and more information on copyright and the professional use of music.

Royalty Free Music for Radio

Royalty Free Music for Radio

You work on the radio or a podcast and are looking for music for radio… The main problem you may encounter when using music for radio is copyright and royalty. If you investigate a little, you will see that when using music for radio you must pay PRS or other collective management companies and the corresponding rights or royalties. As is expensive, and you certainly do not want to pay that much, you have found your way to this article! We can help you understand and find royalty free music for radio. Here we will talk about music for radio, podcasts and any similar format, either online or offline.

The main solution to your problem is royalty free music or music without copyright. Specifically, this is music created specifically for advertising or audiovisual projects, in which the Radio Licenses are included. This music is not free on most occasions, but we will also offer free music options. This music is high-quality music that has been created by professional musicians who want compensation for their work. However, it is much more economical than copyrighted music.

Now we will show the 10 best and most downloaded songs as headers and radio tunes:

The 10 Best Songs for Radio

Songs for Radio


A 32 “song that says it all. It has a very powerful James Bond action touch that activates any listener. Great song for advertising, with the exact duration of a spot or ad.

A Happy Day

It is a happy day, as the title says. 42 ‘tune that is pure happiness.

Balear Dream

Lounge / chill out tune that reminds us of Café del Mar. Classy music, summer, fresca and relaxing. Also with the same duration as a spot, since it is music created specifically for professional use.

Capital Dreams

Song with a touch of darkness and mystery. Something different and that does not leave you indifferent.

Industrial Machinery

Electronic music, industrial, assembly line, factory music song. The gears are turning and the electronic connections are working at full capacity … this song is a soundtrack to all this as it is happening. Listen to the song and you will understand. All with a corporate touch.

On Air

Good morning, it’s 6.30 in the morning and your favourite radio show has just begun. Great tuning of 17´´, perfect as header or closing for any type of television, radio or podcast program.

Friday´s Solo

Guitar song, chill out. Good vibes. Good melody. Nice and pleasant. Tuning in, in a good mood.

Rich Man Rich Love

A very playful song with some very funny choirs. A tune that gives us good morning cheer.

The Blue Bird

One of the best tunes. Our personal favourite that has it all. 41´´ of pleasant vibes. Simple melody, very catchy and cheerful.

Wadoo Song

A very danceable, fun and pleasant tune.

Download Free Music for Radio

The previous songs are not free. They can be downloaded by clicking on the title of each of them, selecting the type of license that you require, according to the intended use of the specific music or song.

However, we offer a selection of songs, for any type of personal use, which is completely free. This section of free music will gradually increase over time. We invite you to visit it and listen to the current free songs available.

In case you want any other type of song, do not hesitate to visit Free Music Projects, where we offer you a music library of more than 20,000 songs completely free of copyright in all styles and formats.