How to make money with music?

Vivir de la música es posible

It is not a utopia. Earning a living from music is not impossible. In contrast, nobody says it will be easy, nor a stroll in the park at times. But you can. It is not necessary to be a rock star to reach this goal, we simply mean making a worthwhile living 100% dedicated to music; which in itself is a dream for many. So, how do you make money with music?

As Maestro Paco de Lucía said, when music becomes your profession everything changes, and although music is your passion, it also begins to be a responsibility. Here we talk about dedicating yourself to music 8 hours a day, or more if possible or necessary, in order to reach your goal. The goal is to make money with music and turn music into your profession. This can only be achieved with many hours, a lot of passion and a lot of work. If you are prepared to put everything into your endeavour, you will probably reach your goal and finally get to make a living entirely through music.

First of all, as in any professional field, talent is important. A talented person will have the easiest path to make money with music, however, we believe that with work, anyone can do it.

We will explain here the best ways to make money off music. Let’s not forget that we are not talking about how to become a commercial artist or a bestseller, simply how to live a good life working in what we are most passionate about: music.

How to make money off music

  • Become a teacher

Teaching is probably the first and most obvious way to make a living for all those musicians who wish to fulfil their dream. Teaching guitar, piano, bass, drums, music theory, music production is a good way to quickly start making money with music. Consequently, becoming a teacher of music or instruments can offer a healthy amount of money if we have enough students. Let’s assume that a one hour lesson pays at least € 15, something that will also depend on our niche. If we do the calculation, we can see that if we organise our time efficiently, it is a good source of income.

  • Studio Music

Many recording studios turn to instrumentalists to record songs for artists or producers who come to the studio. In this case, we are talking about sporadic work, which makes it difficult to know how much money we can earn.

  • Give concerts as a form of income

Having a band and generating income through concerts is another option. Filling small rooms on a recurring basis may be an option for those in which playing live is their forte. Furthermore, we should include the possibility of becoming part of an orchestra. For this, however, you must learn an extensive musical repertoire to play in many places.

If you play your own songs you will also be generating copyright and as a result, you will generate additional income. To obtain these copyrights, you must be part of the local rights management entity, which will collect these rights and then distribute them as you generate them. It seems complex, but it is not.

  • Custom composition for audiovisual productions

If your strength is composition and production, it really is a great option to make money with music. We live in the audiovisual era, and this opens up new possibilities for musicians, composers and producers. For this reason, creating incidental music for movies, series, documentaries, video games, music for advertisements and radio spots is a very interesting option. You will make money from music from this option in two ways: the first is doing the work itself and the second for the copyright generated depending on the impact the audiovisual project has had.

  • Earn money with copyright

As we have already mentioned, copyright is fundamental for any musician or author. It is a way of earning money that for many musicians becomes their main source of income. Both live music and compositions that you have made and are playing on television, radio and the internet.

  • Revenue from stock music

It is a new way to make money with music royalty-free and musicians around the world, thanks to the Internet, already generate enough income to live well. The fundamental requirement to earn money this way is to not belong to any rights management entities. Therefore you can upload your songs to websites that sell music for use in ads, movies, advertising … and they provide you directly with a % of the sale. The more songs you have, and the higher quality, the easier it will be to sell. If you want to sell music this way, we can help you. You can register and start making money with your music from day one with Free Music Projects by following this link: Artists

  • Music for Events

Weddings, corporate events… there are many occasions in which live music is used to liven up this type of event. Weddings are one of the events that generate the most income for many musicians. For example string quartets and classical musicians. Depending on your musician profile, this mode of generating income can also be very interesting and lucrative.

We hope you found this post interesting and useful. We would love to be able to collaborate with you in making money with music and reaching the goal of living off music! It is an ideal job, not free of obstacles and effort, if your passion lays with music.

Background Music

What is Background Music?

Background Music for videos

We identify background music as music that is broadcast with the intention of being passively heard by the listener. Maybe this simple definition is universally accepted … or maybe not. What is clear is that this definition refers to the accessory and passive nature of the use of background music. In other words, this type of music will never be the protagonist in the situation it is placed in. It will always have an indirect and environmental effect on the listener. The music will be heard in the background. The public will not be totally consciously aware of its presence.

If we go back to the origin of the use of songs as background or mood music, we will find two different contexts:

  • Background music as ambient music, mood music or situational background music
  • Background music for videos, movies, theatre, video games, public events and presentations

The Use of Background Music in Video

The origin of background music for videos was seen in the first soundtracks for film productions, that is, in cinematographic or incidental music. We are talking about the end of the 19th century! At this time, back in 1895, the first attempt was made to introduce a phonograph simultaneously to the film projector. In this way, a musical accompaniment to a film was created, which, until that moment, was unthinkable. It was Thomas Edison, who in 1896 invented the Kinetophone, a device that synchronised the mechanics of the projector with the mechanics of the phonograph. This device, which if we saw it now would make us laugh, was revolutionary! It was the beginning of what we know today as soundtracks, incidental or background music.

The Use of Background Music as Ambient Music

Although the origin of this use of music is less clear than the one already explained, informally we found the first background music used in this sense was called elevator music at the time. You may ask ‘What does an elevator have to do with this? ‘. Well, with the construction of the first skyscrapers, the trip to the top in the elevator was quite a long journey. You have to think that the elevators were not the same as now. Don’t forget either that there was even an elevator operator, who was the person who worked inside the elevator making it go up, down, or stand…. For young people now this is inconceivable!

Now you can probably better imagine the role of music in an elevator: relax the traveller and make him think that the elevator would never fail. (Yes, unfortunately before elevators were much less reliable than they are now.)

You can see how background music has always been used as a pleasant distraction. Breaking awkward silences and hiding other sounds are the main objectives in this use of music. If you’re not convinced, ask the neuromarketing experts of the 21st century who have extensively studied this.

Types of Background Music

Types of background music

Ambient Music or Mood Music

Currently, the use of music in establishments, shops and businesses is a real science. Neuromarketing studies measure the direct relationship between ambient music or mood music, musical style or genre, rhythm, time of day, volume, and any other variable you can imagine against customer consumption. How clients behave with music and without music in many situations has been studied and compared.

We, as professionals in the field for many years, will always recommend the use of background music in any business. We believe that it is something that integrates very positively, both for the potential client and for the company’s employees, as it will without a doubt create a better working environment too. There is no better marketing tool than music. There is actually a saying that says “turn up the volume and start selling!”

Background Music for Videos, Theatre, Public Events, Video Games and Presentations

Any audiovisual or video material should have music. It is a necessary element in any audiovisual content. This includes background music for videos, music for corporate presentations, or productions such as accompaniment music or musical backgrounds. Any song, sound or music, synchronised with audiovisual material is background music and should not be overlooked.

How can I download background music for videos?

Download background music

We currently have two notable options for downloading background music for videos. We have one-time payment options, and on the other hand, we will have completely free options. Here we explain both:

Music Licences Explained

We live in the digital age, immersed in the Internet, in the world of downloads, royalties, copyright, and any content that may be protected by the intellectual property of the author.

The artistic scene has changed and creators have been looking for new ways of taking advantage of their musical works. The key to this is called the Internet.

When taking the payment option, the authors of the songs have decided to license their work for an amount of money. It is their work, their time, and it is fair that they demand remuneration for their work. As they say…. we all have mouths and we all eat! Depending on the intended use of a song, one fee or another will be required. It will not be the same rate if we are going to publish a song in a television spot worldwide, than if we are going to create a small advertising spot for a local business. The scope is not the same, and naturally, the price of the License will vary.

Free Music – Under Free Licenses or Creative Commons

This option is free, however, it is not the best. We will explain why… Here the authors have decided to license their works for free use and the music is Copyright Free (Copyleft). Depending on the type of license offered by the author, you will either be assigning all rights or only some rights to the song. The creator may assign the rights for free use on the condition that it is never used for commercial … The creator will also decide whether or not to grant rights for the transformation of their work in any way… These are the particularities of Creative Commons Licenses and there are different options offered by all authors and creators.

We hope that all the information provided here has been useful, and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the Free Music Projects team, where we will always be happy to help you.

Music for Advertising – 5 Tips for Success

If we think back, it is easy to understand that images and music in advertising were much easier to remember. We didn’t live in a digital environment, overloaded with audiovisual elements like today: Internet, music, TV … if a song played, or a picture or video was shared, these were more easily printed in our memory. Now, so we can achieve success in our advertising campaigns and effectively use music for advertising, it is important to analyse the change in perception and retention that is so obvious nowadays.

Scientific research in psychology has shown that people have limited perception. We can only perceive a limited amount of different independent elements simultaneously. That is, we can only pay attention to a few things at a time. How many elements do you think we can perceive and digest at any given time? Surprisingly (or not), only seven.

This scientific information is fundamental in analysing the value of music for advertising and publicity. Music has become an extraordinarily powerful element in advertising. If the choice or BESPOKE creation of music is accurate… we can help guarantee the success of our advertising campaign. If our song possesses certain differential elements that make it be remembered, above the rest, we can guarantee success.

Music for Advertising
5 consejos para tener éxito en música para anuncios y campañas publicitarias.

Tips for Success when using Music for Ads

1. The Duration. The ad must be short and accurate. Each second in advertising costs a lot of money and you have to be precise and fast. Music for advertising should never last more than 20 seconds, and ,in that short time, the potential customer should identify the music with the brand or product.

2. Catchy. There is value in the phrase “less is more”. It should be something simple, easy and elementary. Repeatable and hummable. An example good example is a man you may have heard of: Ludwing van Beethoven. His first eight notes turned into a universal work. Cha cha cha channnn, Cha Cha Cha channnn.

3. Break Routine. Try to introduce unexpected elements. This could include unpredictable silences, infrequent sounds … any musical element that brings originality and freshness to the song.

4. Melody & Harmony vs Rhythm. You must prioritise attention on the melody over rhythm. Of course there are always exceptions (some will think of Queen’s We Will Rock You), but a catchy melody will always win against different rhythmic combinations.

5. Corporate Synchrony. An insurance company, a car manufacturer, a brand of alcoholic beverages … may not all sound the same. It is important to meet with managers or decision-makers of a company to find out first hand what objectives and values should be transmitted in the music for the ads that are going to be created.

Download Music for Advertising Campaigns

We believe that the ideal option when using background music for advertisements is BESPOKE music. There is nothing like an expert composer creating a custom soundtrack for your commercial. However, economic resources are not always sufficient for this to be a viable option.

The reality is that most of the time we have a limited budget, and are often trying to achieve the impossible within these boundaries. Then, as far as music is concerned, we must work with to whatever comes our way.

There are different, and more economical, options to download music for ads. There are even options to download free music. The resource that we offer here is the download of high quality royalty free music from Free Music Projects.

If you have any questions about BESPOKE music creation or selection of music for advertising spots from our royalty free music catalogue, you can contact us at Free Music Projects and we will gladly help you. We have many years of experience behind us!

Free Music for Videos – Top 10 Songs

If you are creating a video and looking for free music for videos, you are in the right place. Here we will show you a selection of the most downloaded royalty free songs for videos, for free. Preview them, download them and use them in your audiovisual production!

Free Music for Videos
Videographer with Gimbal

Downloadable Free Music for Videos

  • The City Lights

It is a relaxing and quiet song of ambient music. We classify it as Chill-Out music. From the minute and a half point, the percussions and the rhythms enter, which will offer a lot of different possibilities in your video. The song ends with choirs of women, Enya style. (Duration 4.48)

  • Trumpets for Life

As the name suggests, the focal point of this song is the trumpet. It is an elegant song of Ambient or Chill-Out style. (Duration 3.13)

  • Sunday Ambient

An instrumental guitar song with Wah-Wah effects. Song based on guitar loops and ambient sounds. (Duration 3:02)

  • Sarah Remixes

A vocal song. It includes beautiful feminine soul vocals. We would define this song as a mix between soul music and chill-out music. (Duration 4:18)

  • Wild Sea

An environmental song that evokes all the elements of nature. A song of great depth. Perfect to give an epic and emotional touch to any video. With female vocals and ancestral sounds. (Duration 4:37)

  • The Night Traveler

This song has a strange and curious rhythm. Simple melodies with different textures and emotions in different parts of the song. (Duration 4:50)

  • Tropical Feelings

Rhythmic song. Classic Chill-Out style. The listener can imagine themselves on a beach, in perfect weather, and in the ideal circumstances to really Chill-Out. (Duration 5:00)

  • WooChill

A song with solo electric guitar and experimental sound elements. A peculiar atmosphere and with a lot of personality. (Duration 4:20)

  • Stars

Ambient soul music with female solo vocals. A high amount of emotion and feeling. (Duration 2:57)

  • 24 Hours of Chill

As the title indicates, the is a Chill-Out song. Different phrases of acoustic guitar, mixed with rhodes sound. A guitar with Wah-Wah effect that accompanies the entire song. (Duration 2:15)

Free Royalty Free Music for Videos and Youtube

We hope you like this selection of free music for videos. You can download these songs with Licenses included, in MP3 format. Download for free, in the free royalty free music section of Free Music Projects.

Free Music for Youtube

If you are interested in other songs, which you plan to use in videos for Youtube, we recommend that you have the corresponding license, otherwise YouTube may reject the video for copyright.

If you want more information, or to download other licensed songs, we recommend you visit us at Free Music Projects. We have more than 20,000 songs ready to download!

Royalty Free Epic Music: Top 10 Songs

Royalty Free Epic Music

The use of royalty free epic music is nowadays indispensable in audiovisual production. This style of music is often linked to famous movie soundtracks with a medieval air, battle and war scenes, fantastic places and imaginary characters. Epic music never leaves anyone indifferent or unsure how to feel when watching a scene such as this. Whether used in a video of battles, in a video of summer vacations, or in music for commercials, epic movie music always gives a cinematic action point that is not achieved with other types of music. That epic touch always gives rise to the usual comments: “Wow!” The right epic music is important to ensure all our videos are just as impressive. Using royalty free epic music will achieve this in a simple yet professional way.

The best epic music does not always have to be all action. An epic soundtrack may have nuances that move it away from the ‘battlefield’ where we usually find this musical style. For example, the soundtrack of “Diary of a Geisha” is absolutely epic and has no direct relation to war or battle. It has to do with passion and adventure. Therefore, we can add a touch of passion to our video using some epic songs.

What is Epic Music?

Epic music can be defined as a musical subgenre derived from the need to put music to movie trailers. The origins of epic music are found in the American film scene of the late twentieth century: a company called Immediate Music created the soundtracks for movie trailers in Hollywood, generating this musical subgenre that was later called Epic music. From here, following the characteristics of this music in movie trailers, a style was created that we now call epic music.

Download Royalty Free Epic Music

Download Royalty Free Epic Music Songs

You can download copyright free epic music in various places, but not always with the quality you would expect. Therefore, here we have compiled some of the most downloaded famous epic songs. They are also the most used in the production of epic videos. You can download royalty free epic music (and many more styles) on the website Royalty Free Music, specifically in the Classic Music & Film section.

Royalty Free Epic Songs

Royalty Free Epic Songs

Here we bring you the TOP 10 royalty free epic songs. We hope you enjoy them!

  • Las Nuevas Vidas

This is undoubtedly an impressive song, with different contrasts and nuances. With constant ups and downs of intensity. Using this song in your video will turn your work into something powerful and unique. Goosebumps… Download here.

  • The Gladiator

A song of battle and fight fit for gladiators. We can even hear them scream before the battle and feel the drums of war. Female choirs that move you completely are included to finish. Epic soundtrack style. Download here.

  • Big Hitters

Epic music of medium rhythm, with elements that constantly surprise us. Very cinematic and very powerful. It ends with modern percussions, Hollywood blockbuster style. Download here.

  • El Duelo

Epic song with constant changes from beginning to end. All these changes offer many possibilities when it comes to assembling your video or production. Download here.

  • Final Battle Trailer

Modern epic music. Whenever we think of epic music we go to the classical orchestral and instrumental soundtrack. This song is epic music of the 21st century. With a touch of intrigue. Download here.

  • Medieval Intro

Yes! A song with flutes, bagpipes, percussions … We are taken back to Scotland in the 12th century. “They may take our lives, but they will never take our freedom.” A song of Braveheart proportions. Download here.

  • El Retorno

An epic instrumental song with female vocals and many intensity changes. This song also provides many options for use in an audiovisual production. Download here.

  • Medieval Adventure

A great quality track. Listen and enjoy. There is not much more to say. An impressive instrumental epic music track. Download here.

  • Invasión

A contemporary song that is half emotion, half action. Adrenaline in MP3 format ready to tingle your senses. Download here.

  • Action Hollywood Trailer

The song title says it all. An interpretation of a great Hollywood epic soundtrack. Download here.

Royalty Free Epic Music for Youtube & Other Productions

If you want to download these epic songs with a License, in MP3 format, to be able to use on YouTube or other digital video platforms; or if you want other songs of any other musical style, you can do it on the website Royalty Free Music. A library of more than 20,000 songs in all styles, ready to download and use with License.

Music for Corporate Videos

music for corporate videos

Without a doubt, music for corporate videos is an important factor when it comes to producing a professional corporate video. You just have to think briefly about a corporate video without at least background music. It would be a real production failure right? Let’s analyze the importance of music in corporate videos.

Imagine the same video we mentioned above, this time with music! Kick it off with an epic soundtrack type of song, grabbing the attention and interest of the viewer from the first few moments. A video like this can convey energy, effort, achievement and emotion…

Now let’s think about synchronizing a chillout song within our video. It may not be the most appropriate style for this type of video, but, depending on your audience and content, you can never rule it out. If you need your video to create a relaxed, informal, positive atmosphere … a chill-out track might give you a good result!

Finally, let’s try to think of the same corporate video but using specific corporate music. The result will transmit professionalism, seriousness, rigour, modernity and punctuality. Allowing the content and message in your video to acquire these qualities also through association. It is the power of music!

music for corporate videos without copyright
Video Production Concept. Silhouette of Gimbal Camera Operator. Picture Stabilization Device.

By using one style of music or another, we can completely transform the vision, identity and character of the company or message that we want to transmit to everyone who views the video. Therefore, choosing music for corporate videos is not a trivial matter. We have to analyze the corporate identity of the company for which we are going to produce the video to ensure that we couple it with the music that will synchronise most effectively.

Royalty Free Music for Corporate Videos

If you want a selection of royalty free music for corporate videos , created specifically for corporate videos, we recommend visiting the corporate music section of FREE MUSIC PROJECTS, where you will find a selection of copyright free music for corporate videos. Below, we show you the top 10 songs for corporate videos copyright free:

  • Business People

This song conveys excellence. It is one of the best selling songs. It is perfect for corporate videos.

Soft corporate song, with medium, quiet and modern rhythms.

Music for very dynamic videos. Medium-high speed with cheerful melodies. This song will give your video the perfect rhythm.

The title of this song is intentional. That famous Obama slogan when he came to power. Building on this, it is a positive song that invites you to achieve your goals. Medium-fast pace. Great for any corporate video!

Elegant corporate song. Positive with a point of nostalgia.

100% futuristic and technological song. Arpeggio based. We love this track.

Another futuristic and technological song. Arpeggio based. We love this one too.

As the title of the song indicates, music takes us to a digital, technological and futuristic environment. Half times and robotic sounds, introduced with mastery.

The classic corporate song. Promoting teamwork and dynamism.

Technological and avant-garde song. Perfect alongside state-of-the-art technology products.

All these songs are available in Free Music Projects for download in high quality MP3 format. These songs are downloaded with License included.

Royalty Free Music for Youtube

Music for Youtube

It’s time to create a new Youtube video! Your new project might be a corporate video, a spot for a company, a mini-series, a vlog or even a short film… but it isn’t all smooth sailing. There is one other very important element which must be considered even before you begin the production of your next video. Read on to learn about the importance of music for Youtube.

Problems Creating Video Content for Youtube

Beyond the purely artistic and technical aspects you also need to consider some legalities about the content that you will use, be it image or music. Here, we will talk specifically about the use of music on Youtube and how to guarantee that your video will be accepted by YouTube and other platforms.

As it turns out, with the advance of YouTube’s technology, the platform now has the ability to identify the music that is synchronised with the video you upload. It is also able to identify who owners the music being used. This is a positive thing, however, it is a stumbling block for a creator who has perhaps ignored some of Youtube’s strict regulations on copyright and intellectual property. It is important to understand these regulations when creating video content. YouTube will not accept your project if you do not have the rights or a License to use the music you’ve chosen to include.

Well then… What music can you use to avoid problems like this on Youtube? 

We will now answer this question and help you ensure your videos are accepted for uploading, viewing, sharing and even for monetization on Youtube.

What music to use for Youtube?
What music should I use on Youtube to avoid problems with copyright? We can help!

Content ID – What is it?

Content ID is the system for recognition & management of content created by YouTube.

Firstly, it helps creators and rights managers to communicate with YouTube and let them know that they own the rights to certain content. YouTube will then register these creators or managers as owners and rights holders to this content including videos, images and importantly, music.

Secondly, YouTube scans the content you upload to your channel and identifies if it contains any of this content which is registered to other creators and rights managers… This technology may cause inconvenience for some Youtubers and creators but we must admit, it is impressive!

Everything you upload to Youtube must be scanned and monitored in this way. This is to ensure that the content you are using is not challenged for copyright and will not cause you issues in the future. If you are a video creator or Youtuber, you know you can spend many hours editing a video. To then to find out during uploading that some content in your video, often the music, is challenged for copyright and Youtube will not accept your video is extremely frustrating. However, simply getting angry will not help. It’s better to carefully consider your choice of music before and during the creation process and do things correctly.

If Youtube decides that you are not the copyright owner of some of the content you have used, they can block your video or even insert advertising on your video (which you have just spent hours creating and editing) and give the money generated by this advertising to the owner or managers of the rights.

Content ID – A form of copyright control.

Copyright control on Youtube – Is it a bad thing?

Music is not free nor should it be.

More than a few people may think how unfair this is for Youtubers and video creators. This really is not the case. Without a doubt, this advancement in copyright protection will benefit us all in the long term. 

Imagine if musicians could not collect income from copyrights generated on the Internet. The internet is fast becoming a major generator of copyrights for artists. If these copyrights are not protected to allow artists to continue to generate income and make a living, very soon there would be no means to create, and musicians, particularly those who make high quality music, would start to disappear!

This is why we think it is necessary to help generate awareness and encourage an acceptance that the music you use has just as much value as the video that you have just created.

Now you’re asking “well, what is the solution!?”

Here are a few options.

Professional solution

If it is a professional production, you can do two things:

The first option is to obtain the rights to the song that you want to use in your production.

To do this, you need to talk to the publisher that manages the rights to the song, and pay. Of course this option will not be cheap at all. Neither money wise nor time wise. It can be a long and frustrating process to obtain these rights. However, if your project has a larger budget, a lot of time, and that’s what you want, then this could be a viable option for you.

The second, much faster and cheaper, option is to use high quality royalty free music for Youtube.

There are different royalty free music libraries that, for a small fee, offer a Music License for any song they have in their often large and diverse catalogue. These libraries give you a License which shows Youtube that you are licensed to use the music in your production. Should Youtube find any copyright registered on the music in your video during uploading and scanning, this will solve your problem. 

We consider this option to be most effective, in time and especially money.

One of the main music banks in Europe, which operate globally, is Free Music Projects. Here you will find Licenses ranging from € 9 to € 199, depending on how you would like to use the music (it is not the same to use the music for a video of your vacations and for a TV spot that will be released in several countries for example).

Amateur solution

Of course, there are options for all those who wish to make a personal or amateur video and do not want to scratch their pocket. There are also options to find free music to use on Youtube.

At Free Music Projects you can find a good selection of free music to use on Youtube. This is royalty free music which can be used free of charge for personal use. This catalogue of music is changed often, offering you a rotation of options for free royalty free music for Youtube videos.

Youtube also offers a royalty free music bank. Here we recommend what we consider to be the 10 best free songs offered by Youtube:

If I Had a Chicken – Kevin MacLeod

Kick the Can – The Mini Vandals

Biggie – Albis

The Premier – US Marine Band

Mirage – Chris Haugen

Entire – Quincas Moreira

Mr. Tea – Rondo Brothers

Mysteries – Dan Lebowitz

Safety Net – Riot

Tibet – Hovatoff

This is a free solution to your Youtube music problems, but we should make sure your understand that it is usually of lower quality. Of course, it is still an important resource and can help amateur creators create great content while also being budget friendly.

One Final Tip – File a Dispute Claim on Youtube

What should you do if you have obtained a Music License for a royalty free song and Youtube tells you that you “do not have the rights” to use that music? 

Everyone makes mistakes. No one is perfect, not even the almighty YOUTUBE, who sometimes still get confused. Here are the steps to follow to submit a dispute and have this resolved quickly:

Can I use Spotify Music in my Store or Business?

Many people ask if they can use Spotify in their business as a Background Music solution.

At first, Spotify may seem like a great application to set the mood for your establishment. In fact, in more than one store, due to a lack of understanding of copyright, they currently use this application. You may have even heard the rumour, among entrepreneurs who have commercial establishments, that paying for a Premium account grants use in public spaces such as shops or bars.

The truth is that the use of Spotify in any establishment open to the public is completely illegal and punishable.

Spotify & Intellectual Property Explained

Spotify, in the definition of its clauses, clarifies that its online music service is limited exclusively to personal and domestic use, never for commercial use. 

This means that commercial establishments that play music through Spotify are at risk of being penalised.

In the UK, for example, the law of Intellegtual Property tells us that, in regards to a musical work, “Communicating the work to the public” is a Primary Offense and “no knowledge or intention is required to be shown on the part of the defendant to establish liability“.

Any business, whether a restaurant, store or a pub, that plays music, is committing an act of public communication. This means that they are obligated to pay copyrights.

What does this tell us?

This means paying the famous SGAE, AGEDI and making sure that the music is authorized for commercial use (something that does not happen with Spotify, a web platform only valid for domestic use). Another option, which is what we can assist with, is to use royalty-free music, acquiring an Annual License with Free Music Projects, thus avoiding the payment of these copyrights and saving up to 95%!

In summary, the music we use in our premises must be licensed for use in shops and public establishments, whether original records, radio, television or using a Background Music Service. Spotify was developed for another purpose and will never be able to meet the needs of professional use.

Finally, contracting totally legal and professional services for music at your business is the best option. If you are in the process of setting up your business, or you already have one and want to incorporate music or legalise your current situation, you should not use Spotify. If you do, it is very likely that you can get into an unpleasant mess.

Head to Free Music Projects to view Background Music Offers and listen to a sample of 8 different Background Music streaming channels.