How to choose the right music for a video?

Choosing the right music for a video becomes an essential element for audiovisual content creators. It is possible to use an infinite number of musical genres that can help you make your audience pay attention to your video until the end.

When we evaluate music in a video, we are referring to that hooking element that can mark the fine line between keeping your attention on the video, or simply abandoning it halfway through.

How to choose the right music for a video?

Why should you use music for your videos?

It has been shown through cognitive experimental data, that incorporating music into your videos increases their chances of success by more than 50%, making the viewer pay more attention and stay until the end.

Can you imagine a silent video that is able to take the audience to the same place where the music takes them?  Music is definitely a very powerful resource.

At this point, the importance of music when it comes to generating content is clear. That’s why if you want to know which are the best tools to select good music, here we offer you a list of the elements you should take into account.

Checklist for Choosing the Right Music for a Video

  • Define the intent of your video’s message, whether it is informational, entertainment, or cultural. Being clear about the purpose of your message is the first step in choosing the right music for your video.
  • Identify your target audience. Obviously, music for a children’s video does not work in the same way as music for an informative video. Knowing your target audience will make it easier to make the right choice.
  • Establish a purpose for your music. For example: if your video is educational, you have to make sure that your background music does not distract the attention of the students. In this case it is better if the music has no vocal tracks so that your message predominates.
  • Determine a musical genre. This will allow you to make a more efficient filter when you are looking for the theme for your video. This way you will only have to focus on that genre and not a universe of options. You can focus on any of these genres:
    • Acoustic
    • Electro
    • Hip Hop
    • Rock
    • Funk
    • Cinematic
    • Instrumental
    • Corporate
    • Ambient
  • Define the music for the intro and for the body of the video.  Separating the intro music from the body of your video is a very efficient strategy. The intro music should be able to generate an immediate engagement, while the music for the body of your video will be more oriented towards the objective of the video and its message.
  • Set a budget.  There are lots of options, from free (which are of course the most basic), to downloads offered by music libraries. If your budget is very high and you want something very exclusive, you can even hire a composer. If your budget is not so spectacular, you can use royalty-free music, always the most versatile, effective and economical option.
  • Select a video editor. On the Internet you can swim among a thousand options. There are tons of apps that help you edit your videos professionally, and best of all, in a simple and intuitive way. Professional video editing software will always be the best option to get great results.

A common practice of professional video editors is to make the music selection before starting to edit the video. The reason is that this way the video editing is simpler and cleaner.

Where can you buy copyright-free music?

Ideally you can download it from an official site, where you can be sure that your content is 100% legal.

Of course our recommendation is This is a platform specialised in copyright-free music downloads, where you can find a huge variety of songs and sound effects.

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