Music for Advertising – 5 Tips for Success

If we think back, it is easy to understand that images and music in advertising were much easier to remember. We didn’t live in a digital environment, overloaded with audiovisual elements like today: Internet, music, TV … if a song played, or a picture or video was shared, these were more easily printed in our memory. Now, so we can achieve success in our advertising campaigns and effectively use music for advertising, it is important to analyse the change in perception and retention that is so obvious nowadays.

Scientific research in psychology has shown that people have limited perception. We can only perceive a limited amount of different independent elements simultaneously. That is, we can only pay attention to a few things at a time. How many elements do you think we can perceive and digest at any given time? Surprisingly (or not), only seven.

This scientific information is fundamental in analysing the value of music for advertising and publicity. Music has become an extraordinarily powerful element in advertising. If the choice or BESPOKE creation of music is accurate… we can help guarantee the success of our advertising campaign. If our song possesses certain differential elements that make it be remembered, above the rest, we can guarantee success.

Music for Advertising
5 consejos para tener éxito en música para anuncios y campañas publicitarias.

Tips for Success when using Music for Ads

1. The Duration. The ad must be short and accurate. Each second in advertising costs a lot of money and you have to be precise and fast. Music for advertising should never last more than 20 seconds, and ,in that short time, the potential customer should identify the music with the brand or product.

2. Catchy. There is value in the phrase “less is more”. It should be something simple, easy and elementary. Repeatable and hummable. An example good example is a man you may have heard of: Ludwing van Beethoven. His first eight notes turned into a universal work. Cha cha cha channnn, Cha Cha Cha channnn.

3. Break Routine. Try to introduce unexpected elements. This could include unpredictable silences, infrequent sounds … any musical element that brings originality and freshness to the song.

4. Melody & Harmony vs Rhythm. You must prioritise attention on the melody over rhythm. Of course there are always exceptions (some will think of Queen’s We Will Rock You), but a catchy melody will always win against different rhythmic combinations.

5. Corporate Synchrony. An insurance company, a car manufacturer, a brand of alcoholic beverages … may not all sound the same. It is important to meet with managers or decision-makers of a company to find out first hand what objectives and values should be transmitted in the music for the ads that are going to be created.

Download Music for Advertising Campaigns

We believe that the ideal option when using background music for advertisements is BESPOKE music. There is nothing like an expert composer creating a custom soundtrack for your commercial. However, economic resources are not always sufficient for this to be a viable option.

The reality is that most of the time we have a limited budget, and are often trying to achieve the impossible within these boundaries. Then, as far as music is concerned, we must work with to whatever comes our way.

There are different, and more economical, options to download music for ads. There are even options to download free music. The resource that we offer here is the download of high quality royalty free music from Free Music Projects.

If you have any questions about BESPOKE music creation or selection of music for advertising spots from our royalty free music catalogue, you can contact us at Free Music Projects and we will gladly help you. We have many years of experience behind us!

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