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If you are creating a video and looking for free music for videos, you are in the right place. Here we will show you a selection of the most downloaded royalty free songs for videos, for free. Preview them, download them and use them in your audiovisual production!

Free Music for Videos
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Downloadable Free Music for Videos

  • The City Lights

It is a relaxing and quiet song of ambient music. We classify it as Chill-Out music. From the minute and a half point, the percussions and the rhythms enter, which will offer a lot of different possibilities in your video. The song ends with choirs of women, Enya style. (Duration 4.48)

  • Trumpets for Life

As the name suggests, the focal point of this song is the trumpet. It is an elegant song of Ambient or Chill-Out style. (Duration 3.13)

  • Sunday Ambient

An instrumental guitar song with Wah-Wah effects. Song based on guitar loops and ambient sounds. (Duration 3:02)

  • Sarah Remixes

A vocal song. It includes beautiful feminine soul vocals. We would define this song as a mix between soul music and chill-out music. (Duration 4:18)

  • Wild Sea

An environmental song that evokes all the elements of nature. A song of great depth. Perfect to give an epic and emotional touch to any video. With female vocals and ancestral sounds. (Duration 4:37)

  • The Night Traveler

This song has a strange and curious rhythm. Simple melodies with different textures and emotions in different parts of the song. (Duration 4:50)

  • Tropical Feelings

Rhythmic song. Classic Chill-Out style. The listener can imagine themselves on a beach, in perfect weather, and in the ideal circumstances to really Chill-Out. (Duration 5:00)

  • WooChill

A song with solo electric guitar and experimental sound elements. A peculiar atmosphere and with a lot of personality. (Duration 4:20)

  • Stars

Ambient soul music with female solo vocals. A high amount of emotion and feeling. (Duration 2:57)

  • 24 Hours of Chill

As the title indicates, the is a Chill-Out song. Different phrases of acoustic guitar, mixed with rhodes sound. A guitar with Wah-Wah effect that accompanies the entire song. (Duration 2:15)

Free Royalty Free Music for Videos and Youtube

We hope you like this selection of free music for videos. You can download these songs with Licenses included, in MP3 format. Download for free, in the free royalty free music section of Free Music Projects.

Free Music for Youtube

If you are interested in other songs, which you plan to use in videos for Youtube, we recommend that you have the corresponding license, otherwise YouTube may reject the video for copyright.

If you want more information, or to download other licensed songs, we recommend you visit us at Free Music Projects. We have more than 20,000 songs ready to download!

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