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Music for Youtube

It’s time to create a new Youtube video! Your new project might be a corporate video, a spot for a company, a mini-series, a vlog or even a short film… but it isn’t all smooth sailing. There is one other very important element which must be considered even before you begin the production of your next video. Read on to learn about the importance of music for Youtube.

Problems Creating Video Content for Youtube

Beyond the purely artistic and technical aspects you also need to consider some legalities about the content that you will use, be it image or music. Here, we will talk specifically about the use of music on Youtube and how to guarantee that your video will be accepted by YouTube and other platforms.

As it turns out, with the advance of YouTube’s technology, the platform now has the ability to identify the music that is synchronised with the video you upload. It is also able to identify who owners the music being used. This is a positive thing, however, it is a stumbling block for a creator who has perhaps ignored some of Youtube’s strict regulations on copyright and intellectual property. It is important to understand these regulations when creating video content. YouTube will not accept your project if you do not have the rights or a License to use the music you’ve chosen to include.

Well then… What music can you use to avoid problems like this on Youtube? 

We will now answer this question and help you ensure your videos are accepted for uploading, viewing, sharing and even for monetization on Youtube.

What music to use for Youtube?
What music should I use on Youtube to avoid problems with copyright? We can help!

Content ID – What is it?

Content ID is the system for recognition & management of content created by YouTube.

Firstly, it helps creators and rights managers to communicate with YouTube and let them know that they own the rights to certain content. YouTube will then register these creators or managers as owners and rights holders to this content including videos, images and importantly, music.

Secondly, YouTube scans the content you upload to your channel and identifies if it contains any of this content which is registered to other creators and rights managers… This technology may cause inconvenience for some Youtubers and creators but we must admit, it is impressive!

Everything you upload to Youtube must be scanned and monitored in this way. This is to ensure that the content you are using is not challenged for copyright and will not cause you issues in the future. If you are a video creator or Youtuber, you know you can spend many hours editing a video. To then to find out during uploading that some content in your video, often the music, is challenged for copyright and Youtube will not accept your video is extremely frustrating. However, simply getting angry will not help. It’s better to carefully consider your choice of music before and during the creation process and do things correctly.

If Youtube decides that you are not the copyright owner of some of the content you have used, they can block your video or even insert advertising on your video (which you have just spent hours creating and editing) and give the money generated by this advertising to the owner or managers of the rights.

Content ID – A form of copyright control.

Copyright control on Youtube – Is it a bad thing?

Music is not free nor should it be.

More than a few people may think how unfair this is for Youtubers and video creators. This really is not the case. Without a doubt, this advancement in copyright protection will benefit us all in the long term. 

Imagine if musicians could not collect income from copyrights generated on the Internet. The internet is fast becoming a major generator of copyrights for artists. If these copyrights are not protected to allow artists to continue to generate income and make a living, very soon there would be no means to create, and musicians, particularly those who make high quality music, would start to disappear!

This is why we think it is necessary to help generate awareness and encourage an acceptance that the music you use has just as much value as the video that you have just created.

Now you’re asking “well, what is the solution!?”

Here are a few options.

Professional solution

If it is a professional production, you can do two things:

The first option is to obtain the rights to the song that you want to use in your production.

To do this, you need to talk to the publisher that manages the rights to the song, and pay. Of course this option will not be cheap at all. Neither money wise nor time wise. It can be a long and frustrating process to obtain these rights. However, if your project has a larger budget, a lot of time, and that’s what you want, then this could be a viable option for you.

The second, much faster and cheaper, option is to use high quality royalty free music for Youtube.

There are different royalty free music libraries that, for a small fee, offer a Music License for any song they have in their often large and diverse catalogue. These libraries give you a License which shows Youtube that you are licensed to use the music in your production. Should Youtube find any copyright registered on the music in your video during uploading and scanning, this will solve your problem. 

We consider this option to be most effective, in time and especially money.

One of the main music banks in Europe, which operate globally, is Free Music Projects. Here you will find Licenses ranging from € 9 to € 199, depending on how you would like to use the music (it is not the same to use the music for a video of your vacations and for a TV spot that will be released in several countries for example).

Amateur solution

Of course, there are options for all those who wish to make a personal or amateur video and do not want to scratch their pocket. There are also options to find free music to use on Youtube.

At Free Music Projects you can find a good selection of free music to use on Youtube. This is royalty free music which can be used free of charge for personal use. This catalogue of music is changed often, offering you a rotation of options for free royalty free music for Youtube videos.

Youtube also offers a royalty free music bank. Here we recommend what we consider to be the 10 best free songs offered by Youtube:

If I Had a Chicken – Kevin MacLeod

Kick the Can – The Mini Vandals

Biggie – Albis

The Premier – US Marine Band

Mirage – Chris Haugen

Entire – Quincas Moreira

Mr. Tea – Rondo Brothers

Mysteries – Dan Lebowitz

Safety Net – Riot

Tibet – Hovatoff

This is a free solution to your Youtube music problems, but we should make sure your understand that it is usually of lower quality. Of course, it is still an important resource and can help amateur creators create great content while also being budget friendly.

One Final Tip – File a Dispute Claim on Youtube

What should you do if you have obtained a Music License for a royalty free song and Youtube tells you that you “do not have the rights” to use that music? 

Everyone makes mistakes. No one is perfect, not even the almighty YOUTUBE, who sometimes still get confused. Here are the steps to follow to submit a dispute and have this resolved quickly:

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