Music for Corporate Videos

music for corporate videos

Without a doubt, music for corporate videos is an important factor when it comes to producing a professional corporate video. You just have to think briefly about a corporate video without at least background music. It would be a real production failure right? Let’s analyze the importance of music in corporate videos.

Imagine the same video we mentioned above, this time with music! Kick it off with an epic soundtrack type of song, grabbing the attention and interest of the viewer from the first few moments. A video like this can convey energy, effort, achievement and emotion…

Now let’s think about synchronizing a chillout song within our video. It may not be the most appropriate style for this type of video, but, depending on your audience and content, you can never rule it out. If you need your video to create a relaxed, informal, positive atmosphere … a chill-out track might give you a good result!

Finally, let’s try to think of the same corporate video but using specific corporate music. The result will transmit professionalism, seriousness, rigour, modernity and punctuality. Allowing the content and message in your video to acquire these qualities also through association. It is the power of music!

music for corporate videos without copyright
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By using one style of music or another, we can completely transform the vision, identity and character of the company or message that we want to transmit to everyone who views the video. Therefore, choosing music for corporate videos is not a trivial matter. We have to analyze the corporate identity of the company for which we are going to produce the video to ensure that we couple it with the music that will synchronise most effectively.

Royalty Free Music for Corporate Videos

If you want a selection of royalty free music for corporate videos , created specifically for corporate videos, we recommend visiting the corporate music section of FREE MUSIC PROJECTS, where you will find a selection of copyright free music for corporate videos. Below, we show you the top 10 songs for corporate videos copyright free:

  • Business People

This song conveys excellence. It is one of the best selling songs. It is perfect for corporate videos.

Soft corporate song, with medium, quiet and modern rhythms.

Music for very dynamic videos. Medium-high speed with cheerful melodies. This song will give your video the perfect rhythm.

The title of this song is intentional. That famous Obama slogan when he came to power. Building on this, it is a positive song that invites you to achieve your goals. Medium-fast pace. Great for any corporate video!

Elegant corporate song. Positive with a point of nostalgia.

100% futuristic and technological song. Arpeggio based. We love this track.

Another futuristic and technological song. Arpeggio based. We love this one too.

As the title of the song indicates, music takes us to a digital, technological and futuristic environment. Half times and robotic sounds, introduced with mastery.

The classic corporate song. Promoting teamwork and dynamism.

Technological and avant-garde song. Perfect alongside state-of-the-art technology products.

All these songs are available in Free Music Projects for download in high quality MP3 format. These songs are downloaded with License included.

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