Royalty Free Epic Music: Top 10 Songs

Royalty Free Epic Music

The use of royalty free epic music is nowadays indispensable in audiovisual production. This style of music is often linked to famous movie soundtracks with a medieval air, battle and war scenes, fantastic places and imaginary characters. Epic music never leaves anyone indifferent or unsure how to feel when watching a scene such as this. Whether used in a video of battles, in a video of summer vacations, or in music for commercials, epic movie music always gives a cinematic action point that is not achieved with other types of music. That epic touch always gives rise to the usual comments: “Wow!” The right epic music is important to ensure all our videos are just as impressive. Using royalty free epic music will achieve this in a simple yet professional way.

The best epic music does not always have to be all action. An epic soundtrack may have nuances that move it away from the ‘battlefield’ where we usually find this musical style. For example, the soundtrack of “Diary of a Geisha” is absolutely epic and has no direct relation to war or battle. It has to do with passion and adventure. Therefore, we can add a touch of passion to our video using some epic songs.

What is Epic Music?

Epic music can be defined as a musical subgenre derived from the need to put music to movie trailers. The origins of epic music are found in the American film scene of the late twentieth century: a company called Immediate Music created the soundtracks for movie trailers in Hollywood, generating this musical subgenre that was later called Epic music. From here, following the characteristics of this music in movie trailers, a style was created that we now call epic music.

Download Royalty Free Epic Music

Download Royalty Free Epic Music Songs

You can download copyright free epic music in various places, but not always with the quality you would expect. Therefore, here we have compiled some of the most downloaded famous epic songs. They are also the most used in the production of epic videos. You can download royalty free epic music (and many more styles) on the website Royalty Free Music, specifically in the Classic Music & Film section.

Royalty Free Epic Songs

Royalty Free Epic Songs

Here we bring you the TOP 10 royalty free epic songs. We hope you enjoy them!

  • Las Nuevas Vidas

This is undoubtedly an impressive song, with different contrasts and nuances. With constant ups and downs of intensity. Using this song in your video will turn your work into something powerful and unique. Goosebumps… Download here.

  • The Gladiator

A song of battle and fight fit for gladiators. We can even hear them scream before the battle and feel the drums of war. Female choirs that move you completely are included to finish. Epic soundtrack style. Download here.

  • Big Hitters

Epic music of medium rhythm, with elements that constantly surprise us. Very cinematic and very powerful. It ends with modern percussions, Hollywood blockbuster style. Download here.

  • El Duelo

Epic song with constant changes from beginning to end. All these changes offer many possibilities when it comes to assembling your video or production. Download here.

  • Final Battle Trailer

Modern epic music. Whenever we think of epic music we go to the classical orchestral and instrumental soundtrack. This song is epic music of the 21st century. With a touch of intrigue. Download here.

  • Medieval Intro

Yes! A song with flutes, bagpipes, percussions … We are taken back to Scotland in the 12th century. “They may take our lives, but they will never take our freedom.” A song of Braveheart proportions. Download here.

  • El Retorno

An epic instrumental song with female vocals and many intensity changes. This song also provides many options for use in an audiovisual production. Download here.

  • Medieval Adventure

A great quality track. Listen and enjoy. There is not much more to say. An impressive instrumental epic music track. Download here.

  • Invasión

A contemporary song that is half emotion, half action. Adrenaline in MP3 format ready to tingle your senses. Download here.

  • Action Hollywood Trailer

The song title says it all. An interpretation of a great Hollywood epic soundtrack. Download here.

Royalty Free Epic Music for Youtube & Other Productions

If you want to download these epic songs with a License, in MP3 format, to be able to use on YouTube or other digital video platforms; or if you want other songs of any other musical style, you can do it on the website Royalty Free Music. A library of more than 20,000 songs in all styles, ready to download and use with License.

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