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Facebook is the most used social network in the world. That makes it an excellent choice for creating content and boosting your page. However, not everyone knows how to use this tool properly.

One of the main factors you need to be familiar with is the copyright policy, which sets limitations on copyrighted content, which is essential for your content to be allowed on Facebook. Here we will focus on Copyright Free Music for Facebook.

But how does music copyright work for Facebook?

According to Facebook’s usage policies, users can only post content when it does not infringe intellectual property rights. In other words, you can only post original content to ensure that it does not infringe the policies.

Facebook’s warning system works through an algorithm that triggers red flags on the platform when content does not meet the requirements of copyright policies.

When this happens, the platform employs penalties to your website or profile

What happens if you use copyrighted content on Facebook?

When you use copyrighted music for Facebook, as mentioned above, you can get your page penalised.

Generally Facebook’s response is to remove your video and send a notification email informing you of the removal of the content and informing you of your options. In case you think this notification is wrong, you can try to challenge it on the platform. Facebook will then evaluate your case

When you are a repeat offender of posting copyrighted content and Facebook penalises you, you may be flagged as a “repeat infringer”. When you are a repeat infringer, the consequences are more severe, in which case Facebook may block your account or permanently delete your page. Depending on the nature of your violation, Facebook may even revoke your ability to post or block other features.  This means that you may lose all the exposure you have given to your Page on the platform.

How to prevent Facebook from detecting copyright

Facebook Copyright

This is one of the most frequently asked questions when creating content. In the case of music for Facebook, the copyright detection process is automated and works randomly. This is why some tricks have become popular that can work so that Facebook does not identify that you have copyrighted content. However, this can become a kind of pressure cooker that can explode at any moment, as you don’t know when your content will enter Facebook’s detection parameters.

Some of these tricks consist of modifying the speed of the audio, so that Facebook’s algorithm cannot detect the topic you are using in your content. There are a number of applications that can modify the speed and pitch of copyrighted pieces. However, this can have a detection rate within the algorithm, which does not make it completely efficient. In addition, these types of applications can modify the voice effects making it sound a bit distorted, which can be unpleasant when you are creating content.

Another option is to use Facebook’s Lip Sync Live. This Facebook app allows users to select a popular song to mimic in a Facebook Live broadcast… But it’s not the best alternative when it comes to creating content.

So what is the best option for circumventing Music copyright for Facebook?

The reality is that the best option for Facebook not to detect copyrighted content is to use copyright-free content. This frees you from having to mask your content so that Facebook cannot identify it.

At we have the best copyright free content, with a wide variety of genres that can allow you to download 100% royalty free original content.

If you want to grow your social network, without infringing copyright policies, the best way is to use music that is guaranteed to be royalty free and free to use.

How can you use copyright-free content for Facebook?

Facebook video copyright royalty free

If you have opted for the safe route, then you only need to access royalty-free music libraries for Facebook, such as

Once you have signed up to the platform, you can access the music content and sound effects that best suit your content, which you can download to create original content.

Once you have secured the sound for your content, you can select a video editing programme that allows you to adapt each track to the content you wish to upload to the platform.

You can also create live content through the Facebook live platform, using copyright-free content. This will prevent the platform from cancelling the broadcast of your content.

How long can a video last on Facebook?

The recommended length is 3 minutes, and this allows the organic distribution (free of charge) of the video. However, this distribution is subject to a system of preferences, for this it is important the interaction of your page on the platform.

Another reason why minutes are recommended is that videos of 3 minutes can be monetisable.

However, depending on the type of content, the length of a Facebook video can change. However, it is important to understand that the consumption of this type of content is mainly from mobile devices, so short content tends to have a higher margin of consumers.

If you make content shorter than a minute, these videos can then be made optional for use on platforms other than Facebook if you wish.

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