Music for Instagram videos

Music for Instagram videos

Instagram has become one of the most attractive social networks for creating audiovisual content. Thanks to Instagram we consume really interesting and entertaining content. In fact, Instagram is nowadays one of the main channels to boost a business. Here we will focus on the problems we will have with music for Instagram videos, and their possible solutions.

One of the main obstacles we find when creating audiovisual content is that we can’t always use some content as we would like to. We are talking in this case about music without copyright. For example, the most popular songs have copyright restrictions. This means that their use is somewhat restricted.

The good news is that there are ways to create content without suffering Instagram’s copyright rejections.

If you want to learn how to create the best audio-visual content, or want to learn how you can add music to your story, we’ve put together a selection of steps and some tips that can help you do it the easy way. Here we explain everything about Music for Instagram videos without Copyright.

It’s easier than you think!

The first thing you should know is that the platform itself already gives you a lot of tools to start creating content. Of course depending on the level of production you want for your content.

How to post music for Instagram videos?

how to put music instagram

To post music on Instagram, all you need to do is:

1.  Select the camera icon in your Story, and choose the theme, it can be a still image, a photo, a series of photos, or a video.

2.  Once you have selected the topic you want to post to your story, you can choose the sticker icon. Depending on your device, you can find it at the top or bottom of the screen. It displays a series of options from which you can choose a music option.

3.  When you pull down the music label, you access the menu for selection. You will find a wide variety of songs to choose from, either by genre, name etc… Select the song of your choice and click on it. 

4.  If you use this option it is important that you synchronise your video in blocks of 15 seconds (time that the tracks last). This means that you must coordinate that your video is cut properly with the music in this period.

5.  If you wish, you can also select the music, before making your video, by opening the camera, press the “Music” option, choose the song and you can start recording while the music is playing.

6.  Choose any tags you wish to add, until you are ready to publish.

A very important aspect of creating this type of content is that not all songs can be used in Instagram videos. Unfortunately, some songs cannot be chosen due to copyright. In this case, we must make a broader search of our options and thus avoid the video being blocked.

A useful solution to ensure that your videos are not blocked by Instagram is:

Using royalty-free music platforms

If you are constantly creating content and copyright has become a real headache, the best thing to do is to choose copyright-free songs.

One of the quickest and safest ways to forget about Instagram penalties for copyrighted content is to use the services of royalty-free music platforms. These platforms have a wide variety of copyright-free music styles and sound effects that you can download and use in your social media videos safely and without penalties.

To use these platforms, all you need to do is register or subscribe and you can start downloading all the music that suits your content.

One of the platforms that will help you download music for Instagram videos is Free Music Projects.

In short, with them you can save yourself the headache of having your video rejected again and again for copyright, or even having your profile suspended for non-compliance with the rules.

But, what can you do if music for Instagram videos is rejected for copyright?

instagram - videos rejected

In the event that you have posted a video with a copyrighted track, and it has been blocked by Instagram, you have the possibility to appeal.

To appeal, you must select the appeal option in Instagram. There you will see all the countries in which your chosen topic is subject to copyright. Generally there are almost all the countries in the world. However, you can go to the end, read the terms and conditions, and fill in the form with your name to appeal.

This appeal is evaluated by Instagram, and if it is successful you will receive the unblocking of your story.

In addition to the appeal, there are other tricks that promise to free you from copyright. This is because Instagram’s detection of this content is an automated process.

For example, a short post with music lasting up to about 3 seconds may not be detected by Instagram as copyrighted material, unlike a post that is longer. However, it can be tedious to edit such short videos.

If you use the lesser-known part of a music track, it may bypass copyright filters… but are these tricks a long-term solution? Probably not.

Even though these tricks may work at some point, it doesn’t mean that they won’t have consequences in the long run. If you have already invested your time, dedication, and even if you have invested money in your social network, the healthiest thing to do is to use it safely and not expose yourself to a sanction from your profile. Also, in compliance with the Law.

How can you support yourself to create your videos?

Although for some users it is simpler to use the Instagram platform to create content, there are actually wonderful apps that make your life even easier when it comes to creating a high quality video.

One of the most popular apps developed to help you create content for your Instagram story is Inshot.

Inshot gives you the tools you need to create, edit and set the background music you want for the videos you are going to post on your Instagram story.

Creating engaging content is becoming more and more challenging every day, as the online offerings are truly amazing. Therefore, ensuring that your content is 100% optimised is one of the secrets to boosting your platform.

If you need help with copyright-free music, don’t hesitate to contact Free Music Projects.

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