The 10 best photographs in the history of music

Over the years, many musicians have gone down in history for their great musical successes. Also, in a way, for the best moments captured in images and photographs. Over the years, the history of music has given us images of great musical figures in full flow of talent on stage. Images where you can simply see beyond the artist and his music… memorable photographs, for the collective memory and for the memory of different generations. That is why we have tried to create a selection of the 10 best photographs in the history of music.

It is not easy to freeze an image of any of the great music icons at the right moment. Where this has been achieved, we have photographs that will appear in books, magazines and encyclopedias forever. Without a doubt, they are historical photographs.

These same images have become unique pieces in their own right. Part of an art mural of many fans, who through a variety of materials share the history and great moments of the idols of musical history.

We can see how many fans create a unique moment of an artist through a phone case and many other objects where an image is captured. 

In this article we show you the 10 best images of some of the greats in the history of music:

1. Elvis Presley in his iconic white suit

Elvis Presley in his iconic white suit - The 10 best photographs in the history of music

One of the greatest interpreters of music of all time, Elvis Presley, with his remarkable white trousers, an image captured in his concert at Madison Square Garden in 1972. For years this outfit became the most famous of the King of Pop. 

A tight-fitting suit, which showed his chest through an opening that caused a furore to his fans, this attire certainly suited Elvis’ controversial personality perfectly.

2. Iggy Pop live in Cincinnati

 Iggy Pop live in Cincinnati

One of the most incredible moments of the whole concert, freezes in an image for history where you can see the godfather of punk, without a doubt a memory that deserves first places for originality. 

The graphic shows Iggy crowd surfing among the crowd of fans, walking through them. This moment was captured in the Stooges in 1970 in Cincinnati.  

3. Rolling Stones on Fifth Avenue

Rolling Stones on Fifth Avenue

In the sixties, the greats of music announced their tours and events through different music magazines and the media.

However, the Rolling Stones did things very differently at that time, as they announced their “Tour Of The Americas 75” through the busiest streets in the United States, on the back of a platform, causing a great deal of commotion on New York’s Fifth Avenue, where a unique, simple and valuable image is captured for many fans.

4. Queen at Live Aid 

Queen at Live Aid - The 10 best photographs in the history of music

One of the most unique moments was the famous Live Aid concert at Wembley Stadium in London in 1985, where great musicians from history participated for a noble cause. One of the most outstanding participations being those of the group Queen. 

The performance lasted 21 minutes, which was enough to mark history, not only of the group’s career but of music in general. In this picture you can see the perfect moment where Freddie Mercury poses with Brian Mai on stage. 

5. Johnny Cash in Folsom Prison

Johnny Cash in Folsom Prison

Perhaps one of the most difficult images in terms of form. Given that it was captured at the time of Johnny Cash’s entry into Folsom prison in 1966. For many, the image alone caused a great deal of impact.

However, it was that live performance that boosted Johnny Cash’s career, establishing him as the true outlaw of music.

6. Stevie Nicks

Stevie Nicks

In the year 1975 where the great idols of music were working to achieve success, Nicks’ fierce honesty as a composer was stunning. In addition, her emotional voice was one of the key factors in securing Fleetwood Mac’s number ones. 

The image managed to capture the sad and passionate character that always characterized Nicks, there you can see the fabulous singer with her classic haircut, her great style and free spirit.

7. Musical Mug Shots

Musical Mug Shots - The 10 best photographs in the history of music

For years, many musicians have been in trouble with the law for a variety of reasons; sometimes these minor brushes with the law have resulted in many of the icons of music history ending up behind bars.

As shown in the picture, great music legends with police records include Mick Jagger, Johnny Cash, Jimi Hendrix and David Bowie.

8. Tupac Shakur “Changes”

Tupac Shakur "Changes"

The great rapper Tupac is one of the most remembered in history, not only for his music but also for his political voice. The so-called “changes” are still considered one of the main elements of hip-hop poetry. 

The most controversial issues associated with Tupac are those related to the dialogue of racism, police brutality among others, all of this expressed in 4 and a half minutes of song. The image combines one part of Tupac and some of the extract from “Changes” making the representation of poetic activism fashionable.

9. George Harrison and Bob Marley

George Harrison and Bob Marley

One of the most classic images of two great music icons George Harrison and Bob Marley. It captured the moment where the two artists met, backstage at the Roxy on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. For years this image has seemed to be a poster in many collectibles shops showing them together.

10. The Beatles performing their last public concert

The Beatles performing their last public concert - The 10 best photographs in the history of music

Without a doubt one of the 10 Best Photographs in the History of Music. One of the most memorable moments in the history of The Beatles was captured in an image that has endured for years. 

The exact moment where, in an improvised performance, the members of the band gave one of the greatest shows for the few spectators that were there at that moment, most of them were Apple workers. In the picture you can see a unique time in the musical history of these greats in 1969.

Photographs that we will never forget…

There are undoubtedly many great moments in music that have been captured in a photograph, which not only show the success of the great icons of music but is also an important part of it. They are part of the collective memory and are unique, unforgettable and unrepeatable moments. It is these moments captured in photographs that allow us to relive the history of the icons of the best music of all times. We hope that you have enjoyed the selection of The 10 Best photographs in the History of Music.

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