Royalty-Free African Music

Royalty-Free African Music is in fashion. We can listen to songs at all hours of the day on the main radio stations, video clips on television, synchronised with fashion commercials… African music is used, as it has incredible, modern rhythms that somehow attract the target group: young people. Because of all this phenomenon, we must pay attention to the new African music without copyright, to be able to use it in all kinds of projects, and to collect the best Royalty-Fee African songs.

We can find African music without copyright or royalty free African music in a multitude of styles: Afropop, Hip-hop, Rap, Afrobeat, Soul, RnB… a multitude of styles are mixed in the new African music to give as a result music with an unbeatable feeling and quality. In Europe we find these styles and different fusions, but the stamp of Africa makes this music special. Great artists in Africa are waiting for the opportunity to be heard all over the world, and we at Free Music Projects are here for that.

Royalty-Free African Music

Listen to the Best Royalty-free African Music 

To better understand what we’re talking about, here are the Top 10 African Style Songs, Uncopyrighted or royalty free. Just listen and enjoy. (By the way, here you can listen to songs with a sound watermark for the protection of the artists’ rights)

  • Casper Nene

Casper Nene, an exquisite production.

  • Ebisco Sugar

Ebisco Sugar, just listen and enjoy.

  • Blaijizic – African Child

What to say about this music. Pure joy, straight to the heart. One of our favourites.

  • Bento – Shadows

Bento, all feeling.

  • Faith Light – Daily Benefits

African joy in all its essence.

  • Horlazy – Grateful

High quality synthesized voices, very good production.

  • Kells – Ankara

The essence of modern African music

  • Ballz – Introduction

The talent of youth. Cheek and innate talent

  • Ballz – If

TenWe had to double mention Ballz, one of our favorites

Here we have been able to listen to a sample of the quality and potential of Royalty-Free African Music. Sentimental, fresh, happy music, with roots, and with that unmistakable stamp of African music.

There are many artists from the African continent who are currently opening markets in Europe and around the world. There is no doubt that in the coming years there will be a great expansion of their music, as the quality and freshness of their artists is tremendous.

Copyright free African Music

At Free Music Projects, one of our missions for the next five years is the dissemination of African music in Europe and the USA, with the aim of promoting all those artists who wish to do so. We do this by disseminating their music on a commercial level, both through digital platforms at the point of sale, and by synchronising their songs for advertising and audiovisual projects.

Download Royalty-Free African Music 

If what you want, after listening to that little demo, is to download the best songs of African music, you are in the right place. Simply visit and find hundreds of royalty free African music songs. Here you will be able to download quickly and with all the guarantees, music for all your projects, professional and personal.

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