Royalty Free Music for Radio

Royalty Free Music for Radio

You work on the radio or a podcast and are looking for music for radio… The main problem you may encounter when using music for radio is copyright and royalty. If you investigate a little, you will see that when using music for radio you must pay PRS or other collective management companies and the corresponding rights or royalties. As is expensive, and you certainly do not want to pay that much, you have found your way to this article! We can help you understand and find royalty free music for radio. Here we will talk about music for radio, podcasts and any similar format, either online or offline.

The main solution to your problem is royalty free music or music without copyright. Specifically, this is music created specifically for advertising or audiovisual projects, in which the Radio Licenses are included. This music is not free on most occasions, but we will also offer free music options. This music is high-quality music that has been created by professional musicians who want compensation for their work. However, it is much more economical than copyrighted music.

Now we will show the 10 best and most downloaded songs as headers and radio tunes:

The 10 Best Songs for Radio

Songs for Radio


A 32 “song that says it all. It has a very powerful James Bond action touch that activates any listener. Great song for advertising, with the exact duration of a spot or ad.

A Happy Day

It is a happy day, as the title says. 42 ‘tune that is pure happiness.

Balear Dream

Lounge / chill out tune that reminds us of Café del Mar. Classy music, summer, fresca and relaxing. Also with the same duration as a spot, since it is music created specifically for professional use.

Capital Dreams

Song with a touch of darkness and mystery. Something different and that does not leave you indifferent.

Industrial Machinery

Electronic music, industrial, assembly line, factory music song. The gears are turning and the electronic connections are working at full capacity … this song is a soundtrack to all this as it is happening. Listen to the song and you will understand. All with a corporate touch.

On Air

Good morning, it’s 6.30 in the morning and your favourite radio show has just begun. Great tuning of 17´´, perfect as header or closing for any type of television, radio or podcast program.

Friday´s Solo

Guitar song, chill out. Good vibes. Good melody. Nice and pleasant. Tuning in, in a good mood.

Rich Man Rich Love

A very playful song with some very funny choirs. A tune that gives us good morning cheer.

The Blue Bird

One of the best tunes. Our personal favourite that has it all. 41´´ of pleasant vibes. Simple melody, very catchy and cheerful.

Wadoo Song

A very danceable, fun and pleasant tune.

Download Free Music for Radio

The previous songs are not free. They can be downloaded by clicking on the title of each of them, selecting the type of license that you require, according to the intended use of the specific music or song.

However, we offer a selection of songs, for any type of personal use, which is completely free. This section of free music will gradually increase over time. We invite you to visit it and listen to the current free songs available.

In case you want any other type of song, do not hesitate to visit Free Music Projects, where we offer you a music library of more than 20,000 songs completely free of copyright in all styles and formats.

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