Hold Music and Waiting Room Music

Hold music is used in many situations. Both as background music in waiting rooms of different businesses, and as hold music for phone calls and answering machines … Hold Music is present throughout the professional world.

hold music

On a personal or individual user level, we do not often take into account issues such as copyright. However, at a business level, we must be vigilant because we may be breaking laws and be penalised or sanctioned for it.

To avoid problems, we must use music with rights included. We must request and pay for the corresponding License when using any kind of music in our business. The bad thing about this option, when we talk about commercial music, it is not only the cost of its use, but the time in the investigation of obtaining and paying the rights that entail. We do not want to be sanctioned, but we also do not want to waste too much time trying to be able to use hold music.

Our recommendation, as in most cases, is to use royalty-free music. Put simply, you select the song you want, pay a small amount, and download your hold music, with all the rights included and the assurance that no one will claim anything from you … and that you are fulfilling your obligations regarding the Law.

Download Hold Music for Answering Machines

Here we offer you a small selection of songs, classified by musical styles, that can be used as waiting music or hold music. You can download this music at Free Music Projects. A small watermark is heard in the song, which will disappear when the song is downloaded from the store. Here is a selection of hold music ready to download:

Chill Out song. Positive. Suitable as hold music or waiting music in any business. Chill Out is a style practically custom made for this type of use.

Calm, relaxing song. A perfect song to keep someone relaxed during their wait.

Another song of pure Chill. A beach song, summery and fresh. Any wait, even if it is prolonged, should sound like this.

This is a Chill Jazz song. Pleasant, with the complexity of jazz and the freshness of Chill Out.

A deeper, more profound song. It almost sounds like epic music, but with a relaxing touch.

A classic chill out song that evokes elements of nature. Any impatient client will relax with this song on the other side of the phone.

Free Music

If you need to download free hold music, we offer a small selection of totally free music. This list of free songs to download will gradually increase. Meanwhile, we offer you more than 25,000 royalty-free songs ready to download with License included and at a very low price.

Go to freemusicprojects.com, where we will be happy to help you with the selection, the consultation and more information on copyright and the professional use of music.

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