Royalty Free Action Music: Top 10 Songs

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The use of royalty free action music is a common resource in professional video productions. This musical genre is related to the Hollywood soundtracks of spy, war and action movies. In any type of video, action music will add its own mark and induce enough adrenaline so the viewer does not lose the attention, even for a moment. We can ensure that our video continuously maintains intensity and viewer interest by appropriately using action music without copyright.

The best action music for videos does not have to be precisely related to the action. When we think of this type of music we always remember James Bond or Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible. However, we can take advantage of the character of this music to add a touch of power and speed to our videos. Therefore, we give our production that effect of strength, power and adrenaline by using action songs.

What is action music?

Action music can be defined as music that has a high speed and intensity, and that draws in the viewer or listener’s extreme attention to an imminent outcome. This music has not always been linked to Cinema. Think of Bach’s most powerful works. Centuries ago there was already music that lifted spectators from their seats and kept them in a state of permanent tension and alertness. Therefore, we can say that action music does not have a solely cinematic history as do other musical styles such as epic music.

Download Royalty Free Action Music

Download action music for video

Downloading royalty free action music can sometimes be a complicated task. For this reason, here we have compiled some of the best action songs without copyright to download. If you don’t like the selection, you can always search for more songs at Free Music Projects, where there are more than 20,000 royalty-free and copyright-free songs.

Royalty Free Action Songs

We invite you to listen and download the TOP 10 action songs without copyright. We hope they are right for you!

Heavy metal action music. Synchronizing this song in your video is a guarantee of action, aggressiveness, speed, violence.

Music with exquisite musical production. In the style of a classic Hollywood action soundtrack.

As the name of the song itself indicates, it could perfectly be the music of the action trailer of any Holywood action movie.

A rock song. Simple, classic, with lots of action. Many risky sports videos use this music.

A heavy-metal song with plenty of rhythm and a lot of action. It is a song that injects adrenaline into any video with which it is synchronized.

A song in the style of a soundtrack of the 21st century, with the latest generation of musical elements and great production. This is how the music of cinematographic action should to sound. Great quality.

A film soundtrack style song with a large dose of action. A song of time, battle and war. We can also consider it an epic music track.

This song gives a large dose of action and tension. Rhythmic, powerful and exciting until the end. Perfect for maintaining tension in any action video.

The classic rock song for action videos that always works well. One of the most downloaded songs! You can hear the reason for this… Perfect and rounded action song, from beginning to end.

Contemporary soundtrack with great production and a very good sound. Pure action with a nostalgic touch.

Royalty Free Action Music for Youtube

If you want to download music to use in your YouTube videos or other video platforms, in high-quality MP3 format, and with its corresponding User License, you can do it from the Free Music Projects website. Here you will find thousands of songs in all musical styles, ready to download and use in your audiovisual or advertising project.

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