Royalty Free Children’s Music: Top 10 Songs

Royalty free children's music without copyright

Royalty Free Children’s music is constantly used in children’s videos, commercials and audiovisual productions of all kinds. When children’s products or services are announced on radio or television and when a children’s event is going to be announced … children’s music is used with the intention that both adults and children themselves pay attention to the video or advertising. We must however still adhere to the requirements of copyright and royalty as outlined by the law. Therefore, we must use royalty free children’s songs, without copyright.

You can find children’s music without copyright or royalty free children’s music in many styles. Mainly, they are classic children’s songs composed by contemporary authors, that have created them exclusively to be used in these types of videos and advertising. This is music created specifically for professional use, both audiovisual and advertising.

What is Children’s Music?

Children’s music is all music created for the purpose or function of children or babies. Among these songs we can find children’s music for playtime, learning music for children, educational songs … as you can see, music is created with many different purposes in mind for babies or children.

This music, in any style, always repeats patterns: it is music with simple melodies, basic and repetitive lyrics and an easy musical structure. When it comes to music for children we must not forget that it must be easy to learn and repeat later for them.

Download Royalty Free Children’s Music

Download Royalty Free Children's Music

Finding royalty free children’s music can be a complicated task. It is easier to find songs in other styles, however, at Free Music Projects we have created a selection of copyright-free children’s music to download and use in all types of videos and advertising projects. We currently have more than 20,000 songs in all styles, ready to download (including the User License) instantly.

Royalty Free Children’s Songs

We present here a selection of children’s songs without copyright that you can download from the website.

The songs you are going to listen to here are royalty free children’s songs and are protected by a sound watermark. When you download the songs from the web, the watermark disappears. You can download the songs in high-quality MP3 format. Additionally, your download also comes with the corresponding User License to legally use music on any video platform, such as YouTube or Vimeo.

download royalty free children's music copyright free for videos

Here the best royalty free children’s songs! We hope you enjoy them!

Download Children’s Songs for Free

At Free Music Projects we have a large collection of songs in all styles. Here we have offered you a small selection of children’s songs as a reference for your projects or as an idea for your videos or advertising. Remember that using royalty free music will already save you a lot of money on your professional projects. Additionally, we also offer a small selection of completely free music, where you can download other songs of any musical style.

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