Music for Events

Music for events

We have all surely realised how important music for events is. Whether social or professional events, hosting and attending events is now part of our day to day in modern society. And with them, music.

Until a few years ago any type of music was used, without paying special attention to the copyright management issues of this music being broadcast during events. Gradually, while public opinion was divided, we have learned what rights management entities (eg; SGAE) require in terms of copyrights paid to companies and individuals.

It is important to know that the Intellectual Property Law (Article 108) states that music broadcast in a public place generates rights, and these rights must be paid (Public Communication Rights). The Copyright Management Entities are then responsible for performing the recriminated and unpopular task of collecting and then distributing these rights as royalties.

Whether in shows, political rallies, sporting events, trade shows, presentations or any type of social event, copyright is generated when background music is used. Payment of these rights is claimed from event organisers on many occasions when they are not duly paid from the beginning.

It is at this point before we are about to hold our corporate event or corporate event, that we should be considering the issue that we are about to address here; music for events. Do I have to pay anything if I use music? Can I be fined if I don’t pay? The answer to these questions is clear. If you do not pay, you can receive a demand for payment of unpaid rights. In the event that you do not pay, there may also be a penalty.

Royalty Free Music for Events

Music for social events

The best option to avoid paying copyright management entities for the use of music in events is by using royalty-free music. Consequently, you ensure that such music is not managed by these entities, and therefore, you will be exempt from such payments.

It doesn’t matter if the music is in a PowerPoint presentation, plays over the onsite sound system, or if a band plays. The question is whether the music belongs to the catalogue of a copyright management entity. 99% of the time, it does! At Free Music Projects we recommend the use of royalty-free music as a way to solve this problem quickly, easily and economically. You simply need a repertoire of royalty free music to broadcast at your event and a certificate or contract that proves it. We provide both of these.

What Kind of Music Should be Used for Events?

It will depend on the type of event. Also, what kind of brand is behind the event, what product or service is being presented, or the place where we are celebrating that event. Ultimately, it will depend on multiple factors. Jazz, Pop-Rock, Piano music, classical music, ambient music… Any genre will be valid if the event so indicates. In any case, after having sounded hundreds of events, at Free Music Projects we will be happy to help you and recommend the best music options for your event.

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