Sensory Marketing: The Power of Music

sensory marketing

What is Sensory Marketing?

Sensory marketing is the science that studies how sensory elements affect us when we are going to buy or consume a product or service. Here we will focus on the sound element of auditory sensory marketing: music.

Sensory Marketing: Turn up the volume and sell more

Music is one of the elements that are a part of our lives throughout its entirety. Music has the amazing ability to remind us of any memory or moment of our lives and convey endless emotions.

Sometimes, there is music that goes almost unnoticed by all of us. For example, the melodies that we can hear in an elevator or in some waiting rooms. In contrast, few know that the songs we listen to on the radio or those that accompany us while we make our usual purchases, both in supermarkets and in clothing stores, are part of a background music curation chosen with the principal objective of promoting sales and consumption. Sensory marketing studies and measures these consumer behaviours.

The truth is, the power of music on our minds is a field of study undertaken by many companies to achieve the desired goals. These goals may include an increase in consumption or to encourage a quick purchase.

Marketing and music

How does music influence the mind of the consumer?

Several studies of neuromarketing confirm that a simple melody can stimulate several brain regions. Additionally, depending on the rhythm and tune, the production of different hormones that produce a change in our mood can also be provoked in our mind.

When we listen to music that we like or that invites good memories our brain produces endorphins. The well-known “happiness hormone” gives way to a feeling of joy and well-being.

And it is right here, when we are in a positive or euphoric state, that the willingness to buy increases.

Musical Rhythms in Sensory Marketing

The rhythm of the music in background music is one of the elements that most conditions brain activity. For example, if we are listening to quieter musical rhythms while making a purchase in a supermarket, without realising it, our movements will become slower and we will undertake the task much more calmly.

On the other hand, in many establishments where there may be a greater cluster of businesses, a large and steady flow of customers is sought. This is encouraged by music with much faster rhythms, for example, the use of music for restaurants and music for bars.

Types of Melodies

Another very important aspect to take into account is the type of music. Since it can move us anywhere emotionally and give us that feeling of well-being that we have mentioned previously or any other feeling.

The best pasta with Italian ambient music, or the best cheese accompanied by the sounds of France, can help customers metaphorically travel to these locations. Thereby encouraging the consumption of these products.

Choose the right moment

And, the last element that should be taken into account in the choice of background music is adaptation to the moment. That is to say, music will be different at Christmas time or in summer, and even, according to the time zone and the day of the week. The music will vary to adapt to the consumer and the environment.

The fact is, the consumer that we find in the same establishment as part of their morning schedule can be very different from the one that visits it in the afternoon or on the weekends.

In addition, particular dates that we relate to certain songs, for example, Christmas carols, can bring us greater happiness and thus encourage the purchase.

background music for marketing

Create the Environment You Want

Due to the advantages of creating the environment you want at all times, Free Music Projects is born. We offer an alternative to traditional music companies as our background music service is 100% royalty and copyright free, with an official certificate. Our service does not require hardware and also does not contain ads.

Music is an element that will always be present in our lives. We are more or less aware of it on different occasions, but it is always there.

Feelings, emotions, sensations… music has incredible power in all of us. We have the tool to be able to get all these feelings to consumers in different establishments, and increase sales, by allowing music to influence improve the customer experience.

The power to obtain make positive changes in our customers’ minds and transmit feelings and sensations is now within our reach.

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