Musical logos and jingles for companies

Musical logos or musical jingles for businesses have become a necessity in the 21st century. Especially for companies that appear in the media (be it radio, television, corporate videos for the Internet, events) and who want to be relevant. A company that invests in advertising should not miss the opportunity to also create a brand image. The probability that a potential consumer could identify your brand in the first 3 seconds of music is very high when using musical logos and jingles. We all remember the musical logo of an insurance company or taxi company in our country through a jingle or musical logo. We also remember music when you turn on a Windows computer. Music is part of the collective subconscious!

We should, therefore, try to take advantage of our investment in advertising to create and gradually enrich the value of our brand through sound and music.

How to create a successful musical logo or jingle?

Musical logos and jingles

The process of creating a musical logo can be simple if the one who creates it has enough experience. We should try to make our musical logo convey the values of the brand or the company. For this, the composer must have an interview with the company, in order to identify the values and adjectives that best represent the brand. They will also be able to provide specific examples of other musical logos, or simply of songs they like so that the composer can be inspired or based on their instructions. Never copy!

The composer will produce one or more musical sketches which will be delivered to the company for approval. Once the sketch has been accepted by the relevant company or marketing department, the composer develops the sketch until it becomes the desired company music.

It is possible for the composer to create various versions of different durations, which he will deliver later. For example, 10-second, 20-second, 30-second, and one-minute versions can be created, as these are the timeframes usually contracted on radio and television for commercials. It is also possible to create a Christmas version, or a rock version, which will help to offer diversity in the music of different advertising campaigns in the future, without giving up the musical identity of the brand.

How do you make a famous musical logo?

As we appear in the media linked to a piece of specific music, the consumer or the potential customer will quickly identify us with this music, which will become an element of great value in itself. These musical logos can be used during location openings and closings, as music for events, as mobile tuning, as header and closure of corporate videos, as music for presentations, as music for advertising, as music for radio

In the same way that we use a graphic logo for many uses, we will use the musical logo or the sound logo on all possible audiovisual and sound media.

Music logos success case

Musical logo success case

In Free Music Projects, we have been creating musical logos for years. We have created musical logos and tunings for important companies and institutions. We have even seen the King of Spain enjoying and listening to a jingle we have created. No doubt this was a great satisfaction for the composer.

Among the success stories of Free Music Projects is Alquiler Seguro. This company created its musical logo in 2011. At that time, they ran a television campaign and then a radio campaign. From there, the radio campaign has been constant until today. The music has acquired a great corporate identity over time. Different personalities sang it in advertising spaces, thus reinforcing the impact of music and the brand. Today, it is unthinkable that Alquiler Seguro appears in the media without this musical logo. Here is an example of an advertising spot:

Get your own musical logo

If you think we can help you by creating a musical logo for your company or an anthem for the institution of which you are a member, do not hesitate and contact us via Without a doubt, you will add something of great value to your business and, over time, you will realize how successfully you have created the sound identity of your business. In the 21st century, the digital age, we consider it essential. Request your musical logo now!

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