Royalty Free Horror Music

Royalty Free Horror Music

The royalty free horror music is one of the genres most downloaded at the scene of libraries royalty free music. The use of horror music for videos, whether advertising or of any audiovisual nature, is a fairly common resource. Not only is it used for horror videos, but as a resource that brings excitement and tension to the audience, focusing its attention on the video or ad.    

Royalty-free horror music is always cinematic, in a classic or contemporary style. However we find royalty-free horror songs in other more modern musical styles, mainly in their electronic song versions .   

What is horror music?

LlWe call horror music, music that is specifically created to cause panic, tension, fear or horror in the audience. The scary music usually causes stong emotions in the viewer: fear, dread, panic, fright, horror, alarm, scare, distrust, apprehension, distrust, funk, confusion, surprise, astonishment, uneasiness … in short, uncomfortable situations for the psychology of the viewer. The main objective is that through this type of music, the public keeps the attention and tension without interruption.  If we achieve this, our music will have fulfilled its goal.

It is always related to dark, mysterious, bloody or dark moments, and is mainly used in the soundtracks of movies, series, videogames and in any type of audiovisual project, providing the extra touch of terror that the images themselves do not achieve to transmit.

Background horror music is an elementary resource when telling any plot of fear, mystery or terror.

It is perhaps horror music the additional element that makes us feel real fear when we are watching a scary scene. For example, nobody forgets the psychosis shower scene of legendary film director Alfred Hitchcock. This scene has made history in cinema, among other things, for the horror music used at that precise moment. As we see, the music of a horror soundtrack is a decisive element in the success or failure of a production.

Origin of Horror or Fear Music

The origin of horror music or scary music is found in the first soundtracks of horror films. The first horror film of all time is “Le Manoir du Diable “, produced in 1896, directed by Georges Méliès, however this film was silent and had no music. Already in the 1930s we found movies with their respective horror soundtrack. One of these examples is “M” by Fritz Lang, directed in 1931.

Copyright Free Horror Music

Are you making a video and need horror music? Do you need music without copyright to use in an advertisement on YouTube and have no problem with copyright infringement? Surely you already know that it is not easy to find horror music copyright free to be able to use without any problems on YouTube , advertising or any type of audiovisual production. In Free Music Projects we offer you a large selection of copyright-free horror songs to be able to use in any type of project.          

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