Advertising Music: Top 10 Songs [2020]

advertising music

Advertising music is critical to the success of any campaign, whether on television, radio or Internet. It is an element of vital importance so that the final result is optimal. In many cases the success or failure of the campaign will depend on the advertising music.

We all remember ads that will always be remembered thanks to the music with which it was synchronized. Ads that thanks to these songs or tunings have made history in advertising. We all know that making history is not an easy task, all we can do is put all our efforts for the music to bring our ad to the top.

Many agencies spend a lot of economic resources in the visual part of the production, however they leave aside the sound part of the ad or in the advertising music. Since Free Music Projects we think it is a big mistake, because we think that both music and image have the same weight when it comes to convincing the viewer. The strategy can be based on one or the other, what is clear is that neither side should be abandoned.

History of advertising music

history music advertising

The origin of music in advertising is found on the radio. In the 1920s, many companies began to advertise their products and service on the radio with ads that contained advertising music or sung ads. These were simple songs, catchy and easy to remember, which generated a great impact on the audience. We must keep in mind that at that time there was no television, and the impact of the radio was even greater. We can imagine the success of these first ads.

After World War II, and with the first television networks, television commercials with music began to be produced. Like the first radio announcements, the first music in television advertising was a real success.

The 10 best Royalty-Free songs for advertising

And now, speaking from a contemporary point of view, we are going to make a selection of the 10 best royalty-free songs for advertising. We could create a selection of commercial songs that will undoubtedly succeed in an advertisement, however, we are aware of the high costs of using this type of music both on radio and on television, available to very few advertisers. That is why we are going to select here the 10 best royalty-free songs for advertising, easy to download, cheap, and ready to synchronize in your advertising campaign. Here is our TOP 10 Best Royalty-Free Songs for advertising:

It is a true advertising hit. Any advertisement acquires a great impact by being synchronized with this song.

It is a simple song that enters your ears, grabs the brain and never lets go. A catchy song to the fullest. In advertising this is pure gold.

The energy song that will bring a high dose of punch to your advertising video or your ad. If music manages to increase sales, no doubt this song will do just that.

Good roll, simplicity and very nice music. This song manages to embrace your product or service and convey that it is something very positive for you and your public. What more could I ask for?

An electronic song, modern and powerful. This is the perfect song when we want to advertise or promote a product or service with a young and modern target.

It is an epic song in the Hollywood soundtrack style . The images of any video, synchronized to this music, acquire a portentous dimension that immerses the viewer in what we are telling him.

Not everything will be rhythm and power. A Chill Out song with great style and depth, perfect for advertising when what we want to convey is relaxation and sophistication in equal parts.

A mix between Chill and Pop that does not leave you indifferent. An advertising song perfect for a multitude of scene situations, certainly a “versatile” song to use in advertising.

A classic Chill-Out song that evokes beach days, sunsets and the best memories of our lives. We all want to be there, and this song takes us to where we want to be.

Another simple and versatile song that is used for any advertising use. A song whose style is fashionable in the use for advertising.

Download the best advertising music

Are you at the moment of creating a video for television, YouTube , social networks or radio and are you looking for music? You are in the right place. 

In Free Music Projects we offer you a complete catalog of 20,000 songs ready to be used in your projects. They are songs specifically created for advertising and are ready to be used with a license right away. You just have to look for the right song in our royalty-free music library , where you will have the ease of searching for musical styles, duration and some parameters that will help you find the perfect song.   

All songs can be used in advertising by selecting the appropriate License, so you will not have any future problems with the performance rights organizations.  

If you have any questions do not hesitate and contact us! We are here to help you!

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