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Undoubtedly, royalty free medieval music helps us convey unique sensations and emotions in our videos. Using this musical style, we travel to other eras: to ancient settings, castles and remote villages in distance and time. We can say that it is an atypical musical genre in the world of advertising production. However, the medieval music is about a specific style that often makes our project stand out and brings a lot of emotion compared to others. For example, we can imagine an advertisement in which Celtic music plays in the background … medieval Celtic music never fails. 

The best royalty free medieval music, whether Renaissance, profane, Spanish medieval music , or Celtic, will bring an epic touch to our productions, something that never disappoints. Moving to the Middle Ages thanks to medieval songs is without a doubt an original and cheap way to travel … Our audience will get to imagine scenes of knights, war and fantastic scenarios that will inject a high dose of emotion. At the end of the day, what we are looking for is that our listener or spectator go from a situation of indifference to be in an exciting and intriguing world.      

What is medieval music?        

To put it simply, medieval music is the music created in Europe between the 5th century AD and the 15thcentury. This strip includes the time elapsed between the Fall of the Roman Empire in the 5th century, and the Renaissance. After the 15th century, music is no longer considered medieval to begin to be considered Renaissance music. Renaissance.

Roughly speaking, the origin of medieval music is linked to religion and the Church. Religious people who lived in monasteries were generally more educated than the average population and developed this musical style towards a more complex form. There was also popular medieval music, associated with minstrels and troubadours, whose role was to tell stories and entertain people. This profane style was also becoming more complex over time.

Types of medieval music

Royalty free Medieval Songs
  • The plain song or religious monody: Better known as Gregorian Chant. This is vocal music written for one voice. It is probably the type of medieval music with more repertoire created throughout the Middle Ages. 
  • Profane music (minstrels and troubadours): This music is also written for one voice, but unlike Gregorian Chant, this type of music had instrumental accompaniment. It is music created in spheres of high society and royalty. 
  • Polyphonic Music: Compositions more complex and educated than the previous ones, written for several voices.

In a nutshell, it is these three types of medieval music in which we can synthesize all the music created during the Middle Ages. During the Renaissance, more complex and beautiful new musical styles would be born.

Examples of Royalty Free Medieval Music

Here we show some royalty free medieval songs ready to be listened and downloaded. These are songs that do not belong to copyright management entities, and that by subscribing to a license in Free Music Projects you can use them in your video projects without any problem.

Here are some examples of medieval music:

A song with medieval instrumentation. The songs shown here are modern songs, evoking medieval environments, but with a modern production. We see Celtic music hints in all these songs.

A perfect medieval introduction. It reminds us of the drum just before the battle begins.

Medieval song of cheerful rhythm. It is the perfect medieval song to use in an audiovisual production. Full of strength, cheerful melodies and powerful rhythms.

Of all the songs shown, this is perhaps the most medieval of all, with the least modern production of all and the closest to what could be the real medieval music. Straight to the origins.

Download Royalty Free Medieval Songs

If you want to download royalty free medieval music to use on YouTube , videos, advertising , we recommend you visit Free Music Projects , where you will find a large selection of medieval songs and any other style. More than 20,000 royalty-free and copyright-free songs ready to download and use. 

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