Royalty Free Instrumental Music

Downloading the best royalty free instrumental music without copyright is one of the main goals of any video creator. This type of music has two advantages:

Royalty Free Music: This music does not have copyright, meaning you can use it in videos for YouTube and other platforms. The video will not be blocked for copyright reasons and you can work quickly and safely because you can choose the song, use it in your video and upload it to any platform without any problems. You may also use it in advertising projects for television, radio or other audiovisual media, and you will not be obliged to pay any copyright management entities.

Instrumental music: Instrumental music is essential when we are producing videos, since being music without lyrics, the audience will concentrate on the images. In addition, it also has the advantage of any speaker or voiceover not being interfered with by lyrics. This is the main reason why audiovisual producers demand royalty free instrumental music for their videos.

In summary, the advantages of downloading royalty free instrumental music are: speed, security, economical, and flexibility to be used in virtually all videos.

Download Royalty Free Instrumental Music

Download Instrumental Songs

If you are thinking of downloading some royalty free instrumental songs, here we propose some of the best instrumental songs without copyright ready to download and use in videos, advertising or personal uses. These songs are shown here with a sound watermark, which disappears once the license is subscribed at Free Music Projects. These licenses range from € 9 for personal use, up to € 199 when it comes to international projects and the broadcast of the music on national television. Here is a sample of high quality royalty free instrumental songs!

Las Nuevas Vidas

One of the most downloaded royalty free songs. Classical instrumental music.

Business as Usual

Corporate instrumental music for your corporate videos and business projects. A great song.


If what you want is instrumental chill-out music, this song is likely our best option!

Camino de extremadura

Flamenco is always a great option. Flamenco instrumental music for our videos.


A song of royalty free instrumental electronic music. High intensity


A fresh and perfect instrumental song for any cheerful and intense production.

Dark Hero

You cannot miss an instrumental cinematographic song. This is a good example…

Childhood Dreams

Royalty Free Piano music. A classic that never dies.

Ambient and Chill Loop 3

Another song Chill Out, this time in loop format, to use in your projects of indefinite duration. Very catchy.

Silent Night

And of course, royalty free instrumental Christmas music for that special time of the year.

In case you want to look for instrumental music in any other style, we suggest you visit

Free Copyright Free Instrumental Music

Most of the time, some amount must be paid for the royalty free music we download for our videos. However, we occasionally find places where we can download royalty free music for our videos for free, especially for personal use. At Free Music Projects we offer you a free royalty free music section where you can find different instrumental songs without copyright ready to use in your personal projects.

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