Background Music for Presentations

Why use music in presentations?

Music for presentations

When you need to deliver a persuasive or informative presentation, whether in professional or academic environments, background music for presentations becomes a powerful ally to enrich your work.

Using different styles and intensities of music can evoke different sensations in our audience. In turn, this can help them to generate different opinions regarding the final result of our presentation, our work, our service or our product. Therefore, music is an important sensitive element that, if chosen well, can be a very positive accompaniment to the work we have done. Music contributes to the X factor and emotional connection to the content of our presentation, that our work alone does not have.

What background music should be used in presentations?

background music to use in presentations

Once you have prepared your presentation, you must make the correct choice in music. We believe that it is important not to fall into the error of overdoing the choice of music. For example, if we want to make a big impact, we won’t need to start the presentation with Carmina Burana. Having created music for companies for 10 years, and collaborated on thousands of presentations and projects, we believe that virtue, as almost always in life, is in the middle. Therefore, background music for presentations should give us a subtle, elegant effect. In turn, it should arouse the emotions of the interlocutor without the audience even realising that the music is involuntarily touching you. Let’s not forget that the important thing will be the content of the presentation. Above all, we do not want to deviate from the objective.

That said, although the right song choice is something that will depend entirely on the content of the presentation, here we will attempt to give a series of tips to help you choose correctly.

Corporate Music

For example, if what we are going to exhibit is a product or service, in a professional environment, corporate music specifically for videos and presentations is usually an excellent option. It is a style of music that evokes the feeling of a very corporate, modern, technological environment… it is music created especially for these types of situations, so it does not usually fail. If you want to select a song without copyright for your presentation, visit our royalty free corporate music bank. Here is an example of a corporate song for presentations:

  • Business People

Chill Out Music

Another excellent option for presentations, both in videos or PowerPoint, is usually chill out music. This style of music, in a low volume, will generate a dynamic, modern, calm, pleasant atmosphere. Chill-out music in some of its more animated forms might not be ideal. As we mentioned before, virtue will always be in the middle. However, in general, Chill-Out is almost always a great option when looking for background music for presentations. Here is an example of a Chill Out song for use in presentations:

  • Memories of Capri

Jazz Music

Now, let’s talk about Jazz! Like Chill Out, Jazz is a style of music that usually fits perfectly in many situations. Furthermore, Jazz also has an element of elegance that everyone always seems to like. Consequently, it creates a sophisticated environment while remaining professional. The good thing about Jazz and Chill Out, is that there are very long songs that mean we can use a single song throughout the full presentation. An example of a jazz song for presentations could be:

  • Hot Plate

Rock Music

Ok, so it may not be the most suitable for every presentation, but we cannot rule it out. It is usual to listen to rock music in the presentation of products. On many occasions, car brands often use pop or rock music as music for advertising.

  • Rock that Beat

Free Music for Presentations

Free music for presentations

Of course, now that we have decided that we are going to use music for presentations, we want it to do it for free. Therefore, we who think of everything, have created a selection of free music for all kinds of presentations. You can quickly download it in our free royalty free music. You just have to register in a minute to download all the music for free and completely free of copyright. Here we show you a small selection of songs to download for free:

How to add music to Powerpoint Presentations

This is something very simple, which we have been asked many times. Therefore, we will now leave it written below so that no one wastes time looking for how to add music to their PowerPoint presentations.

add music to power point presentaciones
  1. First, go to the Insert tab, click on Sound and then on Sound from File
  2. Then you must search for your song with the browser and hit the Insert button.
  3. Finally, with the Sound button activated the Sound icon selected on the slide, in the Playback tab, we select Play in the background.

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