How to Find Music for Travel Videos

Find and Select Music for Travel Videos

Royalty free music for travel videos

You’ve just arrived on vacation and are already daydreaming about the style of music for travel videos you will need when you start editing your video. Additionally, you need it to be royalty free music so that you can upload the video without any copyright problem to YouTube. So, the questions is, how to find music for travel videos?

Here we will try to give you the best examples of royalty free music for travel videos. There are various copyright-free songs that are the most used for travel videos and vlogs and we want to show you what they are. We will also review the most used musical styles in the production of travel videos.

Everything will depend on the type of trip or the destination! A trip to Iceland touring the Ring Road in a caravan, recording the spectacular waterfalls and the incredible landscapes that nature offers, and a trip with friends to Malta, to enjoy its beaches, and above all, its night will not be soundtracked the same way. Sometimes we will use instrumental music, and other times we will use vocal music as background music.

What music should be used for travel videos?

Music for travel videos and vacations

Now we will take you on a tour of different musical styles, depending on the type of trip you are going to take, in order to select the best Music for travel videos. Here we have selected our Top 3 musical styles for travel videos:

1. New Age Music for Videos

New Age music, ambience or ambient will give you great results if it is a trip of open spaces, nature, landscapes… In the video, the song New Horizons is used, which you can download with License included at Free Music Projects.

This music is full of emotion and will ensure our video doesn’t go unnoticed by anyone. We can also use epic music for this type of adventure travel.

2. Chill Out Music for Travel Videos

Chill Out music is an age-old style of music for travel videos. From more youthful trips to any type of adult trip, Chill Out is a musical style that always works well in any travel video. If there is a beach, sun, heat and summer vibes, success is assured with this musical style is assured! In the video above the song Beach Sounds has been used. Basically, the title says it all. In a travel video where the sun and the sea are the main characters, Chill Out will always be the perfect music.

3. Flamenco Music in Travel Videos

Why not? Flamenco is a style of music characteristic of Spain, however, it is a style that will work well in many videos. The aura of the Mediterranean that flamenco music imprints in all the videos is incredible. Flamenco can help you create your video by providing a very original ingredient that is not achieved with other music styles.


Music for travel videos and adventures

In addition to the three styles of music shown above, many others can be used as music in travel videos. For example, PopRock, World Music, Ethnic Music, Rock Music… the options we have are immense. Here we wanted to show three original and different options for using royalty-free music in your travel videos. The options are endless, however, and therefore, it will simply depend on the type of trip and the idea we want to convey in our video.

If you still don’t have a clear idea, you can always visit Free Music Projects and take a tour through our music library, where we have more than 20,000 royalty free songs, completely free of copyright, ready to use and download in your video. We also have a free music section where you can download some background songs for your video.

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