The 10 Best Royalty Free Songs

royalty free songs

When we want to use royalty free songs for a video, documentary, radio television ad, you often perform an intense search. You want to know which song is best suited to your project. Here we are going to show you a selection of the 10 best songs of royalty free music for the year 2020. We made this selection based on the most downloaded royalty free songs over the last few months. In this list we include songs of all styles: epic music, corporate music, soundtracks and music for trailers, electronic music and much more. Therefore, here is the list of the 10 Best Royalty Free Songs:

Best Royalty Free Songs for Download

Las Nuevas Vidas

It is a powerful song with different changes to rhythm and intensity in the purest soundtrack style. It gives an epic touch to any video or advertising production. One of the best songs without copyright, and one of the most historically downloaded in the world of royalty-free and copyright-free music. Here is an example of a video using this song:

Business as Usual

Probably the best selling corporate royalty free song. This corporate song can synchronize perfectly with any type of corporate video. Using this song is a bargain for any producer of corporate videos, the result will always be surprising and inspiring.


A Chill Out song of great emotion. Different instruments, voices and samples of nature take us to an immense imaginary world. This is a Chill Out track with a lot of class for any type of production.

Camino de extremadura

Within the production of royalty-free music or music without copyright, it is often difficult to find flamenco. When we find flamenco without copyright, of this quality, we can refer to it perfectly as a miracle. A great flamenco song.


An electronic music song with great power. With a distorted hard rock style bassline mixed with different elements to give us this powerful result. One of the most downloaded songs in recent years.


A song with incredible strength. Electronic music is very cool, fun, and this song is also extremely high quality. One of the most downloaded songs. When you hear it, you realize why. Used in multiple types of videos and as music for travel videos. Summer lifestyle summarised and made into a song.

Dark Hero

A song for a movie trailer or as a soundtrack. This song is inspired by the current film industry. Perhaps the composer was inspired by Batman and the Dark Knight? In any case, an incredible song that has gone straight to the TOP 10 of most downloaded royalty free songs.

Childhood Dreams

Classical piano song. The classics are never found far from success. A fine and impeccable song in both execution and production. Piano music of great quality and emotion.

Ambient and Chill Loop 3

We consider this track the perfect loop. A chillout music loop that can be adapted to any video or advertising production. Cool, fresh music. That catchy whistle will make any video succeed. Assured success.

Silent Night

Also, and how could it be otherwise, Silent Night is included as one of the most downloaded and listened to royalty free Christmas songs. There are always many productions when Christmas comes around, and this song is a classic among the classics. A song belonging to the public domain with great production and great taste. It takes us straight to Christmas and the Christmas spirit.

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Here we have presented the list of the most downloaded royalty free songs in recent years. If you want to download any songs, completely free of copyright and without royalty, we invite you to visit us at Free Music Projects, where we have a catalogue of more than 20,000 songs royalty free and without copyright. Likewise, if you want any clarification or recommendation on royalty free music, do not hesitate to contact us.

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