Music at the Point of Sale

Marketing has evolved to unsuspected limits. One of the factors that most influences consumer behaviour is music at the point of sale.

Music is a very curious element of study within sensory marketing. Different studies indicate that music at the point of sale has a powerful effect on the customer who visits a shop or establishment, and that with different types of music, we manage to modulate certain consumer behaviours.

The speed of the music and its rhythm can make customers spend more or less time in an establishment, shop or supermarket. Music also influences the increase in sales. This has been scientifically proven, and the conclusion has been drawn that music has an impact of +0.8% on total sales. Interesting? And above all, very profitable. Because of this, the most important brands in the world study to the millimetre the songs and playlists that will be played in their businesses.

The case of INDITEX: music as a key element

music at the point of sale: the case of Inditex

One of the most popular cases is that of the ZARA brand, from the Inditex group. It is in Arteixo, Galicia, Spain, that Inditex has its factory and main facilities. Inside these facilities, they have an experimental shop, within which everything that happens in ZARA shops around the world is studied in detail: the music, the lighting in every corner, the aroma of the shop, the placement and distribution of the products… even the taste of the sweets that are given away in the shop. Nothing is left to chance, and everything has a reason.

If a company like INDITEX (the leading company in the textile industry) studies music at the point of sale to the millimetre, it is because they know its power and the absolute influence it has on their customers and visitors. They probably know the impact of that 0.8% on their sales. Something that applied to billions of euros or dollars is not a negligible figure.

Another popular case is Hennes & Mauritz, the popular textile group to which H&M belongs. In this chain, as in ZARA, the influence of music on the potential consumers who visit their shops is studied in detail.

The use of music at the point of sale is a science and an art in itself. The next time you visit a shop or a supermarket… Pay attention to the music! As we say in Free Music Projects, nothing in music happens by chance.

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