Royalty-Free Music for Video Games

royalty-free music for video games

Royalty-free music for video games has become a great option for creators in the industry. Years ago the only option was to hire a composer specialised in composing soundtracks and generate a video game soundtrack from scratch. This is still a great option, as long as the video game producer can afford to hire a composer to create suitable music for their video game.

The video game creators and the composer would meet to define what kind of music the video game needs. From that moment on the composer would do his job and work his magic. The more you can surprise the game creators, the better. Similarly to working as film composers. In fact, the most iconic video games have composers who usually work on film soundtracks too.

Here we will talk about other types of video game projects. Games created by programmers that are going to be uploaded to different stores, and that have more limited budgets, or are not as large-scale a project as the ones we spoke about initially. These type of productions with more limitations, find in royalty-free music for video games a more than adequate alternative to hiring a composer to soundtrack a video game.

Using a royalty-free or copyright-free music download bank is an economical and efficient solution for this type of project. More than simply the price, the creator of the video game also has the advantage that he can listen to the music beforehand and will be able to choose from a multitude of songs, which increases his chances of success. You can choose the song or songs that best suit your video game, and you will save a great deal of money at the same time!

Selling Music for Video Games

If you are a composer and you want to sell music for video games (make a living from music), in our opinion, the road is not easy. But not impossible! Undoubtedly, the best thing woudl be to train and practice as much as possible making your own productions. That way, when the time comes, you will be as well prepared as possible. Making soundtracks for commercials or short films is usually a good starting point. The best way to make profitable musical works is to have them remain in circulation by making them available for purchase online. In this way, songs do not need to be created for a specific client or project and can find their clients later. For more information on how to sell music in this way, go to the following link: AUTHORS

Where Can You Download Royalty-Free Video Game Music?

royalty free video game music

At Free Music Projects we offer a large amount of royalty-free music for video games, and other types of projects (advertising, audiovisual, series, cinema). You can search by musical style, as well as by other parameters that will help the creator find the perfect song for their project: i.e. duration, tempo, loopable songs, feelings and by theme. These options provide a wide range of possibilities when selecting the soundtrack for your video game.

You can also find a section for free music for video games. This is a small selection of songs, but you may find something suitable for your project. These songs only recognised for non-commercial use.

If you are a video game or application producer, and you want help with song selection, rights, or music licenses, do not hesitate and get in touch with the Free Music Projects team. We hope to be of help to you!

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