Royalty Free Music for TIK TOK (Copyright-Free)

musica para tik tok sin copyright

Music is very important to TIK TOK. We have seen how the platform has become popular thanks to the music itself.

Tik Tok is a relatively young social network, but its growth has been astonishing. That is why today it has millions of subscribers using music in a very creative way. It is presented as a video platform where people upload content singing, lip-syncing, making tutorials, giving tips, or simply sharing their creative skills… without leaving aside the fantastic dance demonstrations for which it lends itself.

A social network that was originally aimed at the very young, it is now making waves with young and old alike, and projections only show that this trend will continue to grow.

It is clear that this is a social network unlike any other. Tik Tok is a space where music plays a leading role, and that is why its gallery is full of music tracks that you can use to generate content. Sounds, effects, montages, which are presented in a funny way to create viral content.

Although the platform has a music gallery, you can also include custom content, which makes it quite versatile and usable.

How does Copyright work in Tik Tok?

Although there is a lot of talk about this issue, the reality is that Tik Tok’s copyright terms and conditions have been kept pretty tightly under wraps. Despite this, the payment of royalties is managed, mainly through advertising, which allows the use of copyrighted music. This is how it has allowed the use of its music gallery.

The specific conditions remain an enigma, and this raises questions such as…

Could these copyright conditions change? Experience with other platforms tells us that yes, at some point we should experience an adjustment in copyright policies. However, it is an issue that we will have to see how it evolves.

Reasons for using Copyright-free content on TIK TOK

One of the main reasons is that Tik Tok is unaware of the agreements it has with the use of copyrighted music, which although not currently a problem may eventually become one. Music copyrights can make social networks encounter complex situations. This is a feature that we have seen in established social networks (Facebook, Instagram) which have had to tighten their policies over time.

Another reason to use uncopyrighted content is that you can make truly authentic content and differentiate yourself from the rest. There are already tons of users replicating content, but if you venture out of the box you can probably gain more popularity and visibility.

Different definitely attracts, and this is a foolproof strategy to attract followers. Break the routine, do it differently, focus on your audience… and you will surely achieve viralisation of your content in a short time.

How can you use uncopyrighted content in TIK TOK?

Go the safe way. On the Internet you can find millions of solutions that promise to give you copyright-free content. However, in the long run not all sites are reliable.

Some sites offer content that is more difficult for algorithms to detect, however, it is still copyrighted material.

Platforms that specialise in copyright-free content are ideal for you to make original content.

At you have an exquisite choice of copyright-free music and sound effects that you can use for your videos.

How can you make an original video with music selected by you?

There is nothing that attracts more followers than creating original content. If you are one of those who are not satisfied with what already exists before, and you want to dare with original content, you just have to follow some basic guidelines to achieve it:

  1. The first thing you need to do is download the sound you want to use for your video, which you can create or download from music platforms.
  2. If you use an original sound you should use an application that allows you to convert it to video.
  3. Edit your video, which you must adapt according to the characteristics of the platform.
  4. Once you have edited your video, log in and select “+” and press the “Upload” option at the bottom right of the screen, find the folder where your video is located, select it and press “Next”. 
  5. You can then add any type of effect if you wish.
  6. You can “Add a description”, “Allow comments, Reactions, Duets” and so on. There is also another option that says: “Who can see this video”. 
  7. Press “Publish”. And you are ready to access it.
  8. To use your own sound, all you have to do is access your TikTok and tap the title of your sound at the bottom left while you watch it, record it and do each of these steps again.

Use video editing applications, so you can incorporate the elements you want into your video before uploading it to social media.

How long should a tik tok video be?

Tik Tok videos are generally short, the recommended time is around 30 seconds or 60 seconds maximum, the reason for this is that the video should flow in a very agile way, which is the natural scheme in this social network.

The best strategy you can use in terms of time is to keep your videos in short segments. This way viewers won’t skip them and will come back to them several times. This can grow your profile and give you more popularity.

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